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In this video, Steve shows you how to cure your slice very quickly with a grip adjustment and some easy exercises you can even do at home.

Follow these tips and drills to increase clubhead speed, driver distance, smash factor, cure your slice, and have more FUN!

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TyJake_Metson11 says:

bro saluting to hitler at 2:18

Miguel Quintana says:

I did the super lazy drill and alsomt smacked my girl in the head with my club. I don't sleeping on the couch.

Andrew Williams says:

5.7 face angle with 1.8 club path… that was either off the toe for the gear affect or it was a block fade if im not mistaken.

Dee Smacks says:

great! So we do the wrist action more at the top and not right at the ball

Jason Graham says:

I’ll give this a shot.

Arturs Bondars says:

Nice video, nice guy

Peter Sampson says:

👍👍👍👍👍 A visual is worth a thousand words. 👍👍👍👍👍

Gerry Collins says:

I can’t thank you enough. I struggle to square club face, can’t change grip, this has truly been a game changer for me. I use it as my pre-shot routine, finally I can hit a draw.

Daniel Yeoman says:

This is the video I have been needing! Thank you!

Mafia Performance says:

We shall see if this works for me. I slice it so hard it comes around and hits me on the back of the head..

barry moore says:

Great video, slice gone

Rick Williams Photography says:

Would love to see your swing slowed down so that the forearm action is easy to see during the swing.

Chris Keo says:

What app is he using? To track his shot?

Free Thinker says:

Golf requires a lot of playing to master,that is why,most suffer from many swing errors.No easy fix exists,play a lot of golf,and that is not an option for most.That is how the industry keeps the money rolling.A truly difficult game to master when spare time and money are hard to come by.

John Child says:

It's crazy how you can try 100 different things and then "POW!", out of the blue have a fix. I could slice and hook like nobodies business, and this concept really did fix it for me in my FIRST USE. The course I went to today is I finally had a tru fix – almost from hole one — and the fix stayed and worked! I will say that I used another video tip in conjunction with this one ( which added an extra element of the final position before the final swing. Those two things have had a FAST and EFFECTIVE change on my golf swing and I could not be more thrilled!! Thank you, thank you!!

mixter7x7 says:

I've found 3 solutions to get rid of my slice.
1 – I moved the ball back in my stance about 1 ball width at a time until the club impacts the ball in the square band of the radial.
2 – An X stiff shaft prevents the club head from torquing open at impact. ( for me )
3 – As I tire in the last few holes – my body, hands and arms will rotate in front of the club. I focus on closing the club in front of my body – especially as I tire in the last few holes.

delia cantu says:

will this work for irons aswell?

fleejay806 says:

Grip was key for me

Sandy Philbeck says:

Does this drill work with all your clubs?

Chris Bart says:

Not a word of exaggeration, I fixed my slice in 15 minutes. 30+ years of slicing. I hit 100 balls after this and 90% had a draw on them. I actually had to dial it back a bit so they would draw so much. Lol!

Sivle says:

Just got off the range and I think you may have literally transformed and saved my golf game! I have been a mess off the tee for years slicing in the most terrible way and was nearly ready to just never hit a driver again. 220 yard fades or 200 yard hard slices were the norm. I was hitting 300 at the range. And nearly shed a tear watching the ball occasionally pull or hook. Haha. So beautiful. Thank you!!!!!

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