The at Home Golf Bunker Training Aid – Pocket Bunker

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The Pocket Bunker – Can this little at home golf training aid really help you with your sand shot game?
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Johnee Bee says:

I’m a regular viewer but somehow I missed this one. Believe it or not I just got my three pack yesterday and now just watched this video. I’m glad you like it because I do. As a beginner, bunkers are scary but I’m gonna keep wacking away at sand till I feel comfortable.

NoPlayJack says:

Most people don't hit bunker shots correctly because they don't twist their feet to bury them an inch into the sand. <- THAT is how you hit an inch behind the ball.

Willie Tyndall says:

Way kewl – my son can use this, he dies in bunkers…going to order it today…..

Tiaan Nel says:

GREAT product

P N says:

Thank you Sensei!

Almeric Alarcon says:

This like being in the strip club I can’t refuse a lap dance I am sold

Brian Treadwell says:

I might get this just so I can say to myself . . . ‘you afraid to sweep the legs . . . no sensei’ – you have wifeys approval 👍

Emile Cochet says:

"OUT of commission…."

MA Tyrrell says:

I purchased it four years ago and it works.

Cee Bee says:

can you swing up to or past P3? i live in a small apt and would like to know how high it will go. thx

Tim Hairston says:

Great video, love the music! I’m not big on training aids but that looks great for knocking around the house. Thx Mr SG

stratovani says:

According to Amazon this product is currently unavailable.

frank hernandez says:

Cute! I'll get one for my KAT! L0L

Micheal Hudson says:

Lol Johnny was the victim [ Barney ] how I met your mother

KJC says:

" Into someone's forehead" That sounds about right!!!!!

Michael Ma says:

How is this comparing with using a towel underneath the ball drill?

Robby Hamblen's Cringe Golf says:

Neat. i was wondering if those were any good. I don't have sand bunker where I usually play, but might be fun to play with.

scokeing says:

Wow already sold out on Amazon! Is yours for sale?

Jeremy Wiltshire says:

4:20 that’s the best buddy love it No Mercy!

Steve Haines says:

Hey Matt. Have you seen this video on bunker shots with a towel? I would be interested in your opinion on this.

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