The Best Golf Hybrids 2013/2014

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The Best Golf Hybrids 2013/2014 with Mark Crossfield PGA professional AskGolfGuru. Mark hits some of his favourite hybrids and rescue clubs from 2013 and going into 2014 and talks about why he likes these ones over some others. See what hybrid you should demo in your next custom fit session to help you play some better golf. See what makes the top list of hybrids from the AskGolfGuru from TaylorMade, Mizuno,Ping,Cleveland, Callaway, Cobra, Titleist and many more.

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H Purey says:

Would love to see you test some of the Tour Edge Exotics Mark.

jj thompson says:

Seriously, had he got breathing problems? Only thing that annoys me about
his videos. 

Robert Mielnicki says:

“Hybrid for the better player” would have been laughable 10 years ago.

Andy Wit says:

Yo mark, love your vids. If you like the g20 so much, def check out the
latest adams pro, mini and dhy hybrids. Just put the dhy in my bag and
could not be happier. Cheers

oDubnobasswithmyhead says:

i would not like to have a golf lesson with this man, he is in concise and
would overload you with information watch one of his lessons.

V8Villan says:

Hi Mark, I find your vids great and was really pleased to see my favourite
club as your number 1 slash 1 club, I’m a high handicap player but can hit
the g20 200yds off the fairway and straight which is a fantastic feeling,
thanks for all the work you put into these vids, all the best, carl

Derek Gzaskow says:

cobra bafflers for those of us that need to get the ball up

Derek Joy says:

Totally agree with your thoughts on the R11 Mark. Ridiculously easy to hit
plus the adjustability is a great feature that gets it across the line over
the Cleveland for me. Really appreciate the vid and advice. Cheers

Carlos Ortiz says:

What do you think about the Adams Super 9031 hybrid?
While watching your videos, I never see you hit anything Adams. 

Eric Davis says:

Nine One Three 

Scott Bryant says:

Hey Mark, Was surprised not to see anything from Adams in this line up. But
nice video! Thanks

Luke Day says:

I’ve got the Cleveland classics and I love them. Nice high soft landing
ball flight and long too. What’s not to love

David Kidd says:

I won the rescue 11 and after about a year and a half i took it out and got
the covert tour 2.0 

George Jupin says:

Your videos are the absolute best. Great job!

Dave Hall says:

Bought the PING G20 20 degree on your recommendation and it lives up to all
the hype. Can’t go wrong with it. Just as easy to hit out of long grass
rough as it was off the fairway. Made the green at 215 yards after a bunker
shot to par the hole and save the day – Love it!

Tom Donnelly says:

If you want a hybrid that will amaze you, go find a Nike VR_S (pre-Covert)
hybrid. Especially the 4h. I’ve tried lots of hybrids, including Covert 1.0
& 2.0, Adams, TaylorMade, and nothing even comes close. Super easy to hit
and monster long.

Peder Faltinsen Time says:

I got the Nike tour 4 hybrid, and it is fenomenal! I can hit it low, high
and I can shape the ball.
I love Your videos!!!!!!!

Noah Britton says:

Can you comment on the difference you felt from the covert vs covert tour
hybrid? Thanks.

Wade Nelson says:

Sounds like you got a mouth full of spit…gross

Rick Martin says:

nice swing – good review

6464jaffa says:

I use a Mizuno JPX fli – Hi which I call the ugly stick! But……… Like
you Mark it will not come out of my bag. So easy to shape any shot I want
and so easy to hit. Ugly is good! 

Rob de Best says:

I enjoy your reviews, and I trust your expertise. However, please get
rid of the dithering such as “#3slash 4, and then #2 slash 3, etc. We
don’t care…….just give us the facts, ty

David Guzik says:

Adams 9031 hybrid. Best hybrid and its not moving out my bag

6464jaffa says:

I use a Mizuno JPX fli – Hi which I call the ugly stick! But……… Like
you Mark it will not come out of my bag. So easy to shape any shot I want
and so easy to hit. Ugly is good! 

NikHubbardGolf says:

Check out what’s in my bag on my channel!

partyhard706 says:

I have two of the 5 and 3 hybrids the nike sumo yellow ones the 3 is the
round one and the 5 is the square one there old but they help me out :)

Brandon Sweeney says:

How do you feel about the Adams Idea Super LS XTD? I’ve playing it for
about a year now and just love the feel and distance. I use a 19 degree
and get almost the same distance out of it that I would do with my 3 wood
(also from Adams, Speedline Super LS XTD 15 degree). Would love to know
your thoughts.

Dallas Blackmont says:

+Tyler Orr
do you have a large distance gap that a 3 hybrid would fill? 

gmoz99 says:

for someone who hits my long irons well I don’t depend on my hybrid so
much, but even if I only hit it once or twice a round I feel comfortable
with it. Taylormade Rescue goes good, glad they didn’t move that model on!

Dermot Dunne says:

Ping g5 hybrid 16 degrees of loft, hit a stinger with it every time, it
looks soo much better than the g20

john groves says:

i love my ping rapture hybrid is it worth replacing for g20

RacerDude78 says:

It all about that cobra amp cell!!

Charles Balce says:

I love my Ping I20 17 degree! Has great workability and the matte black
finish got me sold!

Andrew Buff says:

Isn’t that the driver gorilla James used in one of the vlogs in the back

OhCIaw says:

What about the callaway x-hot?! beats hybrid! and the driver!

Doug Hinderaker says:

How do the Mizuno MPH4’s perform compared to these rescue type hybrids?

TheGolfdaily says:

You just
can’t go wrong with any Ping or Titleist…

Antonius von Diepenbroick says:

please make a video with the best drivers

@H2027 says:

Cleveland Mashie 3&4 + Ping G20 27. These stay, everything else is

darren crawford says:

Love my ping i20 hybrids, have 21+23deg stock stiff. Fit perfectly between
the 3wd and 5iron.

livid coco says:

Mark if you can could you please please do a vid of taylormade sldr driver
and fairway woods

Peytoj Diaz says:

Great vid, can you do a best driver next

bebo7002 says:

what about adams, there hybrids are great

Tyler Orr says:

i have 5-pw iron set its adams and i have a razr x 4 hybrid should i get a
3 hybrid

unnervingfalcon says:

Wilson Staff M3’s??

TheHystericalracer says:

Hi Mark
I tend to hit right to left due to an inside out swing which has been
minimised but not ironed out completely.
I find that clubs with offset tend to exaggerate this and thus I prefer my
G25 hybrids to the G20’s I have tried.
Does this make sense? I find both very easy to hit,which, after all, is
what hybrids are all about, isn’t it?
Great video, as always.
Keep it up.

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