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The best golf swing drill for backswing rotation. In this weeks “My Swing Analysis” Piers and Andy analyse a followers golf swing and and talk about stopping an over swing and improving your body turn. #myswinganalysis

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Ashton H says:

This guide “Jοmtοnο Naha” (Google it) introduced me Golf swing lessons. They utilize important info like your arm length, height, shoulder width, and club length to create a model ideal for you. The lessons have been extremely helpful, enabling me to drop my handicap from a 22 to a 15 in the last year.

Mohsen Pasha says:

When you're at parallel point 1, how much bend should there be on your left knee?

davemucky says:

Are you guys putting your r-15 belfry club fitting up on YouTube ?

Alphonzo Davidson Jr says:

Great explanation of a solid swing building drill,


Match em up! Love that drill!!!

Michael Rolton says:

Great video, again, guys. 

aydjo22 says:

Your vids are good fellas but the bad thing about them is you never see ball flight ! It would be nice if we could see other angles we're the ball takes off and also ends up 😉👍⛳️

MrRem7600 says:

Excellent drill, thanks for this, will be using it!

robrey85 says:

I just randomly came across you guys not to long ago and I freakin' love how you explain why you have a fault and then go into possible drills to correct it and even go as far as recommending a physio, haha. Crazy, this is what makes you guys my favorite teachers I have followed online to date.

Fred Waterman says:

Very good explaining I think this will help my overswing not make me pull it anymore 👍

Casey O'Brien says:

Please do a video on consistency, or at least mention it. I just dropped a grand on clubs and wedges (currently contracting the golf bug) and while most of my swings are on point, I have the occasional chunk or thin, and it makes me want to fight children (kidding). also would love to hear your thoughts on mentality, on how to stay focused while playing without letting shit get to your head. 

johnj134 says:

quick question about release guys. do you consciously uncock your left wrist when releasing or does the weight of the clubhead uncock it naturally. I have issues with leading with handle too much at impact(cricket motion) causing me to push/pushfade

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