The Best Pivot/Weight Shift Drill for Clubhead Speed and Distance

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Mike Austin, who once drove a golf ball 515 yards in the 1974 National Senior Open, takes Mike Dunaway, one of the greatest drivers in golf history, through the wall drill to build the Austin pivot.

Austin goes into crazy detail on every muscle and joint action needed to shift the weight in the most efficient manner possible.

This lower body motion differs from the commonly taught pivot where the buttocks would break through the wall as they twist in both directions, while the hips would not move laterally nearly as much.

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Zookie Budeck says:

Best visualization and explanation of the Mike Austin way of Golf. 
Means the WORLD!!
Information like this are rare here in Germany.
THX and Cheers.

Zen Master says:

Awesome. I got more out of this video then most modern videos.

Donal Mooney says:

The video may be old but the content is priceless it's nothing like other golf vids on youtube, no bells and whistles, just take the layman's understanding of the moves and you have got 10 minutes of coaching excellence.

Ben Jonson says:

Interesting…a little too much information, though.

Bullwhip says:

I do not understand why this method is not taught. It is perfect for those who start after puberty. Instinctive (counterbalancing), not dangerous for the body, powerful and precise at the same time. Mike Austin was a true genius.

KRay says:

Thanks for this video. Practiced this drill this morning and went to the driving range. Let me say this the best instructional video ever taped!!! Little to no effort in my swing now and everything falls into place. No torque on back consistent ball flight and distance.

Guy Warren says:

He's practicing on a split-faced cement block wall…. gonna need new pants after he shreds the fabric. Like the drill. Mike is a wonderful teacher.

Norm Noel says:

Wonderful instruction.

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