The best putters on tour all do this

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Imitate the tour players to improve your putting. Don’t stay still, these guys don’t.
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Don Kirk says:

When he was world #1 in putting, Luke Donald would keep his eyes on the ball but deliberately rotated his head to the left in sync with the putter coming down into the ball. When he was #1 in putting, Brad Faxon said he liked to feel "athletic" when putting, which meant he would slightly bend his knees toward the target during the stroke into the ball.

bjnwright says:

Yes absolutely, good call. Lee Trevino also credits the quality and accuracy of his ball striking with his three-step idiosyncratic foot movement before he started the swing. Important to keep things dynamic rather than initiating from a standing-start, static position. I feel it helps one react to the target better and stay in the moment; getting away from any thought of swing mechanics that creep into the static mind when the body is stationary.

danthemanwhocancan says:

Yes but what would Sneds do?

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