The BEST Swing For Senior Golfers | Simple And Repeatable!

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Eric Cogorno Golf says:

Hey guys – Apologies for the occasional audio static issues in this video! We're aware of and fixing the problem for future filming sessions. Thanks for watching!

Stephen Barr says:

Looks simple and practical, as a 50 something year old, I’ll put it the use later on. Thanks Eric

John Martin says:

Normally fade driver. How would this setup work for fader???Thanks

Hlubmos2 Chah says:

Great powerful and impressive drill! I certainly can use it. Thanks.

randy underwood says:

i am having a heck of a time with this. but i have always played a fade. it seems when i do all this…they all are push-fade. if i move the ball just an inch's all duck hooks. and at worse…maybe half the time, i hit a foot behind the ball. yes..a foot! for the short term i can live with a fade just fine but, into this oklahoma wind i do miss the option of a nice draw.

Mike Schick says:

I notice something in my backswing that I term "bounce back", and that I try to avoid. The best way to describe it is to take a full backswing, as far as you can turn. Now turn just a little more, and you should see that your body cannot maintain that and rebounds a bit. When this happens in my backswing, it throws off my sequencing and causes inconsistencies. I don't see anyone commenting on this, and would like to see it addressed.

Bill Supalla says:

Stay tuned for wedgie class with dude behind Eric starting at 10:21

Ha Tien says:

Do you use the same tilting at set up for Irons?. Thanks

Charles Shanklin says:

Eric, great advice. Thanks so much! Could you address the left wrist in the senior swing especially at contact.

Jake Bender says:

Eric, I like your videos except you talk, talk, talk way too much and I turn a lot of them off in the first few minutes. Sorry.

JWH says:

Excellent video, Eric!! 👍🏻👍🏻

Golfing Cowboy 🤠 says:

Can you also use this with iron play as well?

Coaster Chum! says:

One thing that has helped me to hit up on the driver is to have my aiming point be in the clouds or over a tree….don't remember where I heard this tip from but it has worked wonders for me.

Mark Lancman says:

I noticed your right armpit would not keep a golf glove from falling out. So are you saying Ben Hogan's swing is not suitable for the average senior golfer?

debbie G says:

I have been struggling with the perfect swing for months (Im a beginner). I just started doing the single plane Moe Norman swing – what a game changer – I hit my driver perfect every single time and I am always on target and the ball goes farther then it ever did.

Tim Hanna says:

what's considered senior? In my mind I'm still 30 and swing like it. I do qualify for AaRP memberships now. Am I senior? 🙂

Rex Jones says:

Thank you for the senior driver swing keys. One question: with this setup, where should the clubface be pointing, especially to hit a draw. Should it be closed or open with the closed stance?

Gerry Shields says:

Excellent video, thank you👍

Walt James says:

Thanks! Well explained as to movement and reason. My job is the result! Out to my big net in the backyard to see how it feels!

Lou Buth says:

Greats tips, but where is ur club face aimed with this setup?

BLK MeSa says:

Dude with the suspenders behind you desperately needs some Cogorno golf instruction love.

Conure Ron says:

One thing I’m trying to do is increase my flexibility, doing some “yoga for golf”. Wouldn’t mind seeing more “work-out” and flexibility routines that are best for golf.

Conure Ron says:

At my age, I need this!

db vfx says:

I’m not quite a Senior yet but I have been in a lot of car accidents (over 9) so it limits my ability to swing like I did when I was younger. I came across the videos you did with Seguto that explained the concepts behind a more of a Stack and Tilt type of swing. I practiced, studied, and took some of the concepts and incorporated it into my own swing. Long story short, I have never hit the ball more solid in my life. I can play a round or practice and the same kind of fatigue and back pain I would have are no longer a problem and I can go out on the course without practicing and have a pretty decent round. It allows me to practice more on my short game and putting as long as I can have some kind of consistency with the longer shots and drives. Just something that might help some of those with limited swing ability still looking for distance. I average about 260 with my driver and 7I about 170. That’s good enough for me. I’m not trying to join the PGA, just have fun with (and hopefully beat) a few of my friends. Thanks for the great content Eric

Norge Repairs says:

Quality work Eric !
Don't want to be too harsh; but struggling golfers don't understand what 'swing around the body' means.
Swinging around the body is essential. Grouped with a couple of other fundamentals – – – – – it just works.

Jesse Wenzel says:

Is this the same for irons?

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