The Best Swing For Senior Golfers | Simple & Repeatable

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björn sigurðsson says:

Hi Clay. Where do you aim the club face, at the target or directly as you line up at the ball??
Thanks for the lesson Clay.

Shee Golfs says:

Watch How to hit a Flop Shot ft Pro Golfer Jamie Jacob
Watch Now –

bgriffin says:

120 mph swing speed. Clearly not any of the seniors in my group.

munnjean says:

I would certainly question the grip ,, absolutely deadly for anyone who is struggling with hooking the ball off the tee.

Haitung ying says:

Hi Clay, loved your tennis videos; equally loving your golf videos. Are you still doing tennis?

Tommy Pyeatt says:

Talk to much !

Bruce Mc Dougall says:

Im A Senior who used to play off scratch as a 18 year old and used to coach when i turned Pro at 19year old , I would strongly recommend Seniors beware of adopting this strategy ONLY ,
Golf is Complex .
There are many reasons that cause a golfer to either Slice or Hook a ball, remember the main reason for slicing is the player does not get inside the Down the line Plane of play and is nearly always because of the Movement of the "Head " ie moving the head past the ball at impact when the player is applying the most power in the swing " coming over the top " is the common term causing a slice . Please note this is not easy as we get older the muscles tighten up , Give what you see here a try and if it works great , some of the most important tips are Ben Hogans Tips .
My 4 Principles that have never failed me
No1… Keep the left side of your head behind the ball at Impact/… Note Jack Nicklaus the master driver who else
No2…. Rhythm is Free Power So Relax …/ Mr Couples . Who else
No 3 Stand Square to the line of Flight you want with Both your feet Open not square So that you can swing equally unhindered back and through the line of flight … Rory McElroy Who else
No4 Find A Grip that you like best .. Some People Like 1 Knuckle showing however they are generally YOUNG and Flexible Ie: Jordan Speith / Fred Couples Shows Three Knuckles and is a outstanding driver of the Ball and a rare Golfer / Greg Norman also Shows 2 Knuckles and he is recorded as the straightest Driver in history ever on Tour .. This one only you can get this
I Hope This Helps. /
Remember /
A /The only thing that touches the club is your hands
B / The only thing that touches the ground is the feet 🙂 Bruce FOOD FOR THOUGHT
C/ The head is the Structural regulator of the Swing

Slick Salmon says:

Another pro selling "easy". Please, stop.

Ant Bee says:

Tryed 3 snap

Derk Jr Deckinga says:

What is a senior with arthritis in both elbows to do to hit straight balls when the elbows can't be straightened.

Albert Hall says:

Im only 55.

Fairway Golf Supply says:

Can't hurt to learn better swings

robert yeung says:

I found most teaching pros "explain" a lot instead of showing the actual swing

Kevin Shafer says:

Is it right to have more tennis balls on the court in womens tennis. I have played against very competive females and enjoy the dedication they have to the sport. When the sisters/brothers came onto the circuit I saw them first hand at Indian wells and we booed them off the court. We knew then they had more in the tennis bag than the the other players on tour. Strip them of their titles and have them pay back to the good of women "women sports" we need no fruit cakes in the sports world.

james eadie says:

Clay what happens if you align your feet 15 degrees to the opposite of alignment rod

Al Samsa says:

I like it. The only issue for me is the change away from a neutral grip. It's super hard.

Steve Reaves says:

Azinger and Couples also use strong grips.

Kevin Shoemaker says:

Clay – thanks for this – maps to my Top Speed Program and adjustments my PT is making to preserve my back! Question – in your set up in appears that you are setting the driver further back in your stance – is that intentional or am I just seeing things?

Steven Waterfielkd says:

Not many seniors I know can take that big wide swing,

buddyfred96 says:

the first part of the video makes sense to me as I have been doing that anyway for weeks with good results before seeing the video. I like that the slower older person type swing allows me actually to do more things correctly like think of the aim of my club face, move the club head in to out for a draw, keep my eye on the ball better, aim for a little spot on the grass out in front of the ball to not chunk the shot, and mainly the swing itself even though it is not as wide and hard has this ability to slowly increase in speed on up to about the 10 o'clock position where it slows down. I shot a 73 using this at a local course weeks ago. And at a course used by some PGA pros in their hometown I played it the first time and shot an 85 from the men's tees. and no pain to the knees.

A Wiganer says:

I can’t wait to get back to my home in America and play golf with the sun on my back.

amfohr says:

Watched that pirate ship drill but my wrists do not allow a narrow angle with the shaft. Only if I let go my pinky but that doesn't seem right.

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