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Is the is the best time to have a look at buying Titleist AP2 irons when the new t series T100, T200, T300 & T400 are getting seeded out on tour at the moment. We take a look at who these irons would be for and how they perform against modern day equipment.

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Nathan Riggle says:

You like the 716 better than the 718 AP2’s?

TheBadThing says:

Having hit these a few times I love them, i'm off a 16 handicap but find the middle more often than not. Even more than my own irons. Even though the lofts are very weak compared to mine (34* in the 7 AP2 vs 30* in my TM R7 CGB MAX) They go a the same or further, which is shocking but not a problem. I'd say this is due to the difference in age because the tech would have advanced quite a bit in 13 years. I'd totally play these. The small head isn't scary, if anything it makes me focus on putting a good swing on it.

XsteXtube says:

Excellent vid! I play golf since 2 years, after my first year I was lucky enough to get a hold of ap2's, till today they still are my babies! Love 'em!

Mike Lytwyn says:

Great channel! I’ve been offered new 2018 Titleist AP2 718’s 5/Wedge for £460, is this a good deal or too good to be true? (AMT Tour White S-300 Steel Flex Shaft)

Andy Green says:

I play the AP2 718's and as a former blade player can honestly say they are superb ?

Rich B says:

718’s surely. The 716’s came and went without much of a fuss didn’t they?

Matthew Martindale says:

Can't see them new for 400 quid on e bay? Where have you seen this price?

Paul_ HD1 says:

They were delivered yesterday… FINALLY. Tired to pick up a set of 718 AP2's last December 2017 when they were released. Titleist quoted a 3 month lead time. So I canceled and gamed: MP-18's and P790s since… yeah… anyways… happy to be back in a Titleist iron… they are picture perfect behind the ball. Cheers.

Benjamin Harris says:

just got myself a bargain set of 718's with 3 iron for $700 aud (380gbp) 3 weeks ago so im happy lol

Lucas Carman says:

I actually don't think the AP2s are very good looking but they're great irons.

Shaun Valencia says:

I just got my 716 ap2’s (new) a couple weeks ago for less than half the price of 718’s. Played one round plus a few trips to the range and I absolutely love them. They’re awesome clubs

StratNut2008 says:

I game AP2 712’s in left hand and I bent them 2 degrees strong and +1 … and their high and fine! My 4 iron just drops and stops… they hit very high and come down soft.. any golfer can play them, don’t bother with player improvement clubs.. go right to the forges… trust me, there is. I feeling like hitting these in the middle of the face

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