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What a Masters! We hoped you enjoyed it, to celebrate we’ll be launching a Sergio Garcia Swing Analysis later in the week. In todays Impact Show we show you how we video and how we ask our clients to video there golf swings. For us to analyze golfers and see certain positions we have to have the camera in a specific position. So if you like filming your golf swing its well worth watching this video, just maybe we can help you get the most out of your range sessions.


COMMENT below to let us know what you need help with, or what type of video you'd like to see next!

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Will Schwarz says:

Besided the V1 swing analysis app, do you guys have a recommendation for analysis wearables like the Zepp 2?

tyler adams says:

what faults do you look for first when analyzing a swing? Obviously grab and state and address are key but if there are multiple problems in a swing, which you do you look for/try to correct first?

Swing plane?
position of club face?

Thanks for the tips guys- great stuff as always!

John Greenwell says:

Top tips guys. I know you said the mount was called SelfieGolf, did you purchase it from their website as their shipping terms weren't the clearest!

Timothy Schulz says:

Great video. This is definitely a topic that is not talked about enough. Thanks for the better understanding! Love the channel!

Pure Distance Golf says:

BTW, question; where do you find Swing-Vision and the PGA cameras typically setup?

Pure Distance Golf says:

I actually enjoy the matching outfits and clearly they generate conversation… good for business! Well done guys/lads.

Wayne Clarke says:

Great instructions guys! Where can i purchase the selfie golf holder in the uk ?

Leemz100 says:

wouldn't you need a proper tripod so the camera remains steady instead of it wobbling in the breeze on a skinny stick?

Andy M says:

love you guys but also check out somax. they have a system of measuring the spine angle down the line and face on which is the only truly measurable system rather than a subjective guesstimate.

Tomohiro Yoshimura says:

Hello, I have a question. Do you have any good drill or tips to move lower and upper body separately in my down swing ? Usually, I try to move my lower body first, but my upper body come with my lower body. This bad habit gives me 'out side in' and right hip goes up like early extension. If you can deal with my question in your future video, it will give me a lot of improvement. Thank you.

Patrick Kelly says:

Let's take charge of your matching outfits

craig rowlandson says:

Hi guys I'm pretty new to golf started around a year ago but have a huge problem I can't hold the club the correct way I play with right handed clubs but have my right hand at the top of the grip with the left underneath tried holding it correctly but feels so uncomfortable which hand should my glove be on and do yous have any tips that may help I've just got my handicap of 19 after being out for 6months due to broken leg

Jan Olof Svärd says:

Where can I buy that holder for the Iphone for a linestic you use in the video ?

Peter Scott says:

It looks like the hand height shot also aligns with the horizon.

Zebastian Söderman says:

great video guys??

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