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Steve Tierney says:

Picture an sound is perfect

Tim Buma says:

Prediction: Srixon zx7 vs TSI3 in the final

Rufuss Thoo says:

I purchased a TRG recently and doubted the numbers so tested it against Trackman. It consistently read chs 2 mph higher than the TM but matched carry distance to within +/- 1 yard on short irons and within 3 yards on other irons. It overstated (compared to TM) my driver distances by 10-15 yards.

While it doesn't read short chips (probably because of insufficient tracking distance) or flop shots (because the ball goes above the radar's line of sight), I've successfully used it to build my short game distances (pitching from 30 – 80 yards) and 15 – 30 yard chipping. And yes, I can rely on the numbers on-course. Having trust in the numbers has improved my short game no-end and has contributed to dropping 8 shots off my index since February.

It's also fun to use for swing speed training (no ball required). It only provides club head speed, ball speed, smash factor, carry distance and total distance (yards only) though, so no spin, launch angle, club path etc. data 🙁

Kyle Sinclair says:

I’d rather see the Symetra tour on 📺 than watch the Champions tour….

jojosaute says:

I think they should be seeded by the preliminary test numbers.

Adam Bucci says:

Shout out left dash. Shot personal best 78 last weekend. First round with them.

Ryan Underwood says:

Will be interesting to see the Cobra vs. Tour Edge matchup!

gavin harvey says:

The teddy bears 4-1 ❤🤍💙. Get it there

John Violano says:

How about going against the defending champ as a follow up?

John Violano says:

Audio issues. Just like old times😂

Crawford Hastings says:

With the custom weights for G425, looking forward to the final instalment in Ronnie’s driver fit.

NovaScene says:

Why do you guys have this system that Matty's mic is in the left channel, and Ian is in the right? Why not have them both on both? Sometimes people have only the other channel available, for example at work other ear needs to be open..

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