The Caddie | Orchestrating the PGA TOUR

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What’s the best way to be a good caddie? Have a good golfer.

Orchestrating the PGA TOUR presented by CDW.

Highlighting golf’s fun, weird, and ridiculous side.

Skratch is the home of Adventures In Golf with Erik Anders Lang, pranks, challenges, Boo vs Beef, as well as collaborations with the one and only DJ Steve Porter.

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reuk says:

The man who gets cash instead of credits in golf

DaveyJones says:

That was some of the most confusing shit I've ever heard in my life lol but it was a very well done piece!
Bring back adventures in Golf!!!!

Some Mass says:

Seems like a humble and straight forward guy. Nice.

Jonathan Barry says:

This series is fantastic. I would love the videos to be longer.

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