The Champions | 2013 PDGA Amateur & Juniors Disc Golf World Championships

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sthomas128 says:

G-R-E-A-T job CDSB… I appreciate your hard work to bring us these
fantastic videos…

John Borelli says:

Great wrap-up! Thanks for putting these together! They’ll be fun to watch
in a few years to help me remember my great time in Emporia.

Brian Bell says:

Can’t hear half of what they’re saying because you have the music so loud
during the interviews… Congrats to the winners but video= bad

Gustavo Ocampo says:

Awesome videos!

gstspyder45 says:

The kid is only 13 years old with a role model!!!!!……he is mimicking
the two time world champ and number one raked player in the world…….so
I guess his form is close to him because there both world champions
now……maybe u should mimic one of them and u might someday be a world

Nancy Ann Walk-lin says:

MY MAN IS AT THE 9:07 mark…win lose or draw and he pulled it off!!!!!!!!!
WHOOOP WHOOOOP!!!!!!!!! I love you Keith Walker!!!!!!!

DynamicDiscs says:

Thank you sthomas128.

DynamicDiscs says:

Yeah, audio can be tricky sometimes when everyone talks at different
levels. Plus when you are working hard until 2:30 in the morning after
being out in the heat for 8 hours filming so that it is ready for people to
watch the next day sometimes things do not turn out exactly the way you
wanted it. Thanks for the feedback and thanks for watching. I love doing
what I do.

Azndomoxx says:

Anthony is gonna grow up to be a little paul mcbeast ;D

Mike Thompson says:

very nice video. go colleen thompson!

Gustavo Ocampo says:

No offense but that kid that won the under 13 boys looked like a Paul
Mcbeth wanna be. Even the way he threw his forehand on the last hole looked
like Paul Mcbeths form. Not trying to be mean. Just saying.

warren hollinshead says:

notice how the intern forgot to put the five in. Ouch…

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