The Clay Pigeon Golf Shot

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RSWoW_1498 says:

Internet Logic:
”I don’t believe this, it can’t be real. It must be fake because I can’t
imagine it happening”

Real Life Logic:
”I can’t explain it, so it must have been God”

See the difference? I don’t. Stupidity exists on and offline´╗┐

Leaderboard Golf says:

The golf clay pigeon shot: The Clay Pigeon Golf Shot´╗┐

greg rose says:

some say he is still running´╗┐

Golf In Red says:

Someone Tell Me The Odds of This!´╗┐

bricksquad9552 says:

That was a direct hit to the center too lol´╗┐

gavin scott says:

Someone Tell Me The Odds of This!´╗┐

Bermuda Sands Apparel says:

Check out PUMA Golfer Johan Edfors taking part in the European Tour’s Every
Shot Imaginable. Looks like fun! The Clay Pigeon Golf Shot´╗┐

Max Davis says:

Brant Snedeker hit it first´╗┐


What happens if you mix ball trap with golf? Watch the video to find out
the result of this brilliant combination!´╗┐

Erie Golf Club says:

Just for fun, let’s watch Thongchai Jaidee, David Horsey, Johan Edfors,
Simon Kahn play Clay Pigeon Golf:´╗┐

Matthew Hart says:

power lines.check. no grass.check. wads of corporate cash. check. fuckin
clay pidgeons. check. no way this was ever gunna fail. check. ps looks like
woomera/ cooberpedy ´╗┐

stephen boddie says:

Legend says that he is still running to this day.´╗┐

Mark Johnson says:


Mike Wulf says:

wow I hope everyone knows this is fake…´╗┐

QuackyPoo says:


Rodney Holt Golf Coach says:

Ծ The Clay Pigeon Golf Shot – YouTube

hehe this looks fun, reckon you could hit one?´╗┐

MyGolfNUS says:

Someone Tell Me The Odds of This!´╗┐

Taylor Woodrum says:

0:57 all the clay pigeons on the ground.´╗┐

BruklynKid says:

I just fell like I wasted time. ´╗┐

Rayne Clowd says:

check my trick shots: /watch?v=mkHWD_Obmjo&list=PL84FD43445A198128´╗┐

larson Jackpot says:


Joel Witcosky says:


eelson2 says:

hero shot!´╗┐

Steven Avila says:

0.o wha´╗┐

Jonodude0 says:

Haha that is seriously impressive´╗┐

Spudly1234567 says:

Thats impressive ´╗┐

Kelcy Pegler Sr. says:


Koen Bosmans says:

Nice shot…´╗┐

Steven McGee says:

Amazing shot´╗┐

Felix Dominguez says:

Epic Golf Shot!´╗┐

Kelcy Pegler Sr. says:


Nelu Sab─âu says:


┼či boga┼úii se bucur─â ca ┼či copiii´╗┐

Alan Lord says:

Totally amazing…´╗┐

Antin Harasymiv says:

+Anil Sabharwal your golf video reminded me of this impressive one.´╗┐

Andrew Fisk says:

How cool is this? The Clay Pigeon Golf Shot!´╗┐

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