The Coleman Video — Ben Hogan 1977 in BW

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For some reason I can see body movements better in bw.

In 1977, at age 65, Ben Hogan made one final trip to Florida to enjoy time with his good friend George Coleman and to play a little bit of golf at Seminole where for many years he had loved to practice in the winter months leading up to the Masters. George Coleman had a home on the water and, according to James Dodson's biography Ben Hogan: An American Life
, Coleman and Hogan often hit balls into the ocean from that backyard. At the time of what appears to be Hogans' last trip to Seminole Coleman had just purchased a new video camera and wanted to test it out. This led to one of the most important pieces of film ever made of Ben Hogan

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vanislefan says:

How valuable is this video? Like finding a rare coin in your pocket change! Hope people realize how important this is..

Dreama40 says:

It just does not get any better than Mr Hogan. Legend.

Solomon Li says:

Those little delayed splashes when he hits towards the ocean are dead straight… dang.

Straycat Annie says:

Is there a marine biologist in the crowd!! lol

Celegroz says:

Mr. Hogan was so formal and proper in his speech. He was definitely from a by-gone era.

T mo says:

Oh my gosh, i am not far behind him in age (this video), many golfers play their best after retirement when they can practice! I am within a year or so. I hope i can shoot par at age 65! The 73's and 75's are few in between but if i could practice i think i could play lower scores in old age.

John Hofmann says:

Awesome awesome video.

Bladnaster Naster says:

Can anyone understand what it is he is saying when he is demonstrating in slow motion. I cant make it out.

Joe Cool says:

He is killing fish, where is PETA?

Joe Cool says:

You can tell his first try was a shank.

Christopher Franklin says:

Simply awesome.Thank you for posting.

David Gee says:

Beautiful. There is the similar swing toward the ocean as the man who hit the 1 iron at Merion. Watching this man swing at the end of his life – the golf connoisseur's simple pleasure.

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