The Correct Downswing Sequence For Your Golf Swing

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In today's video, Shaun Webb and Mike Granato show you the exact downswing sequence you need for more distance and consistency. Many golfers start their downswings on the wrong foot (literally). That not only robs you of speed but makes moving the club properly nearly impossible. Instead, incorporate this downswing sequence into your swing and enjoy the results.

Here's the link to Justin Rose's video explaining what he's trying to feel and do during the downswing:

Connect with Shaun, Mike, and the guys here:

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Nathan Kwong says:

who is the pro

CR Wing says:

Just started watching your content…just fantastic! Thank you for giving all this great content!

Wishing y'all all the best

American Lefty says:

Look how that club shallows out in the swing. Like a mini loop.

Thomas Strand says:

Butch Harmon says that continued lowering Of the head is take care of by increasing pelvic rotation. Am I in the running for “ comment of the week” ? Lots of thumbs up people.

Todd Gilligan says:

I’m subscribing. Here’s why. At no point during the video did you discriminate against left handed people. Left handers make up 10% of the golf population. The vast majority of golf instructors use descriptive language like “left hand, right hand, left foot, right foot. This make’s it hard for left handed people to visualise and conceptualise body movement when the language doesn’t relate. I have been on a fight against instructors and commentators that discriminate. You are not doing this and I appreciate that. If you are a left handed golfer you should sub also.

anthony difiore says:

How can I take the driving range to the course. I quest I put to much pressure on myself, 90% of time I throw a second ball down after the miss I am almost always on target. Can you give me something I can do to be more consistent on the course,

Ryan Mills says:

One of the best explanations I've seen on this subject

Oliver McKinley says:

Great tip. This really just dawned on me recently after watching videos like this. I'm working hard on trying to start my body's downswing earlier now.

Patrick Purcell says:

Wow thank you I have always thought the backswing started after the back swing has been completed. You have helped me so much!

Shayne Bernard says:

Hi guys this is some phenomenal instruction. I have seen some video of Rory at the players recently. Interestingly it looks as though his weight is shifting prior to the club moving at all in the back swing, so you will need to change your perimeters for shifting weight in future videos given that he won!! Many ?

Eddie Quinn says:

thank you for this – why does this not encourage a reverse pivot?

SmileyG says:

OMG I just tried this move on Sunday, wow what difference, first time I broke 90 for years! I got it wrong a few times (I found myself sliding forward in the backswing and a bit reverse pivoting) but when I got the timing right I felt the contact was much more solid than before.

I never really got the hip "bump" transition that some instructional videos mention at the start of the downswing (it just makes me swing outside the the plane)

great video guys, thanks a lot

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