The CRAZIEST GAME Ever Played – Brodie Smith, GM__Golf, Zak Radford and Andrew Jensen!

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Welcome to the craziest game ever played!! In this video me, Brodie Smith, GM__Golf (Garrett Clark), Zak Radford and Andrew Jensen head out onto Orange County National to play an insane game of nine holes. Subscribe to all the guys by clicking the link at the end of the video.

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Peter Finch Golf says:

Thanks for watching peeps. Hit that like button and subscribe! Also check out everyone else’s channel at the end of the video ?

Adam B says:

VERY LOUD NOISES! had to turn the volume down

Freddie Moss says:

Why does everyone feel the need to shout after every shot ffs

Ian H says:

why all the screeming.

Adam Barnett says:

Well, this sure looked fun.

Dave Hull says:

The Americans are soooo loud!!! ???

Stu Yearsley says:

Love your stuff Pete but this was unwatchable.. I guess that’s what happens when you give Americans sugar.

A Golfers Walk says:

Only the greatest match EVER. Would love to see Tiger and Phil play these formats. ???.

Jeremy Thebodo says:

Hey Pete, heading down to Orlando in a couple weeks for a golf trip. What are your top 3 courses in that area?

Kevin Lu WX says:

Comments are mixed

Jordan Fogel says:

when I saw Andrew at 0:23 I thought he was Dustin Johnson lol

Tim Haigh says:

You better hope no one shanks the ball in that first hole format.

KevinS says:

Lasted 4 mins 10 secs

wasianwigger says:

Too self indulgent for me. I enjoy your channel but this is a bit much. Unsubscribed.

Dave Wilkins says:

I liked it. Coached golf for over twenty years, been around a ton of guys like Brodie. Love that guy.

Mark Bailey says:

That was nuts but looked fun.

PaddyTubeVlogs says:

Love your channel pete

Thomas Gallant says:

That was awesome

milkflavour82 says:

I don't mind you guys mixing up the rules, setting different parameters and trying different stuff. I quite enjoyed it for a change of pace… I just find Brodie incredibly obnoxious, super loud and intrusive though… I meet plenty of gobby and antisocial guys in real life, I don't really want to watch them on YouTube videos as well… I'll be skipping anything with him in in future I think…

deryck de man says:

Hey which of the courses is this (I’m playing a tournament on the crooked cat course in April)

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