The Disc Golf Guy – Vlog #230 – Battle at Westwood – Locastro, Owens, Ulibarri Back 9

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Prior to the Ledgestone Insurance Open starting on Friday, September 12th the area's newest course found in Westwood Park played host to the Battle at Westwood.

Some of our sport's top pros were paired up with local pros for an exhibition match which featured mainly short tees with a few long tees mixed in. With a little more work this course plans to be used in the 2015 PDGA National Tour.

This is the back 9 which immediately followed the front 9. Thanks for watching.

Doubles partners:

Paul Ulibarri & Nate Heinold (tournament director)
Devan Owens & Garry Patton
Nikko Locastro & Nathan Yemm

The Front 9 can be found here:

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Todd Lee says:

I have to wonder how annoyed the players are with Terry’s commentary, lol.

Dirk J. says:

Thanks for bringing these videos, home courses of mine. Glad to get to
watch the pros on them again. 

luftisbollen says:

Haha – funny again <3 What happend there paul ? I missed ^^
good work, thx for the coverage :)

Keith Vance says:

That was a super awesome put by Gary on #13!!

luftisbollen says:

50 Bucks for ace ? did he get it or was it only for the pro players ½ !!!

Jason Baston says:

Terry this was an awesome Vlog.. You may not have gotten to throw a disc,
but you certainly get the ACE for Disc Golf videos…. I love in this one
how there was more humour and banter, and some chats along the way.. Love
it when we know what they are throwing. and your commentary is awesome.
The showing of a more relaxed environment is and awesome way to promote
how fun the sport is. Keep it up man… Amazing. What was Ulibarri
Chewing during the later part of the vid? He looked like a little chipmunk.

James White says:

What city is this?

Dana Thorson says:

really enjoyed this. took a couple holes to get into the flow but it was
really well put together. 

vathanasong says:

Great Video! Loved both of them. Keep um coming.

Shawn Hillman says:

Nice ace Gary, was a thing of beauty.

Ben B says:

Is that orange disc that Paul flicks a Pa1? 

kevin blah says:

Great video

8MikeO says:

Umphrys Mcgee!

havasuDG says:

Great Ace!!

Norrkopings Discgolf Klubb says:

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