The Disc Golf Guy – Vlog #262 – TDTMIII Final 9 – McCray, Ken Climo, Goodpasture, Heimburg Lincoln

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JohnE McCray skyrocketed into the pole position after carding an unofficial 1058 rated second round on Saturday while competing at The Throw Down The Mountain.

Ken Climo along with two others sit three strokes back and they know it's now or never if they have any plans of catching or passing up the event's defending champion.

Just 9 holes remain as they get after this par 33 layout at the beautiful Gran Canyon Disc Golf Course in Brooksville, Florida.

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Mike Riemer says:

“…pouncing kitten”? good grief.

wacky295 says:

i appreciate the commentary…but we can see what you’re describing. what
we can’t see is the distance of the hole & sometimes the layout. just like
in ball golf – before t-shot: hole info ! don’t take it personally,but you
are good enough now that details count.

DirtyDanTheManU-Fan says:

I can hear you breathing hard in the video in between throws and commentary
kind of annoying …..Any Who your awesome as usual your personality and up
beat nature is contagious…..Jonny E. McCray is my favorite disc Golfer I
love his gracious attitude and he’s someone I look up to as a man and a
Disc Golfer…Congratulations to John E. McCray the living legend Show
these Young Bucks how it’s done!!… p.s. Keep up the good work Terry

Rad Jackson says:

great video.. thanks for covering!

jimbobbillygoat says:

How cool would it be to have “The Champ” clearing out your lie for you?

Keep up the great work. We won’t hear you breathing if you keep working
these kinds of courses. Your cardio should be killer by the end of the
year. :-)

Jethro Bodine says:

Had never seen Cam before. Kid can play. More shots of his caddy next time
please. :)

therealmbassy says:

i think this is the first time i’ve seen climo throw a forehand :O

srg727 says:

too much of the players backs off the teepad, not enough of their action
shots. props for making an effort on discs thrown though

Jethro Bodine says:

Outstanding work as always. Your time and effort are much appreciated. 

Rick Pendleton says:

Great coverage guys… Many thanks!!!
A huge Congrats to JohnE!
Played a great game and is a fantastic ambassador for the game!

thekeylimeishere says:

Great slo-mo of how the disc would not drop down for Calvin. 

Keith Vance says:

I like the slow-mo re-play sound effects addition to your vids :-)

vathanasong says:

Calvin looks like George Michael Bluth with that outfit!

Packersrulealways says:

I have the same shoes as John E. That makes him my favorite pro. :)

bass head says:

Great vids man keep it up love watching them

Brian Hederer says:

JohnE for 2015 Player of the year!!!!!

DiscgolfJerry says:

beautiful course

Tatu Nokelainen says:

Great vid! But to learn proper technique from pro’s we also need to see the
legs of the thrower while they drive. Please consider this every now and

murph38999 says:


Leegitluck says:

How old is Calvin?

Norrkopings Discgolf Klubb says:

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