The Easiest Golf Swing to Learn – Science and Moe Prove it – Single Plane

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Learn why the single plane golf swing is the easiest to learn and repeat, and also the best swing for those who have back pain, and other problems. Science has proven the single plane to be better then the conventional golf swing, and our video tells you why.

Single plane is also known as single axis, but is also sometimes confused with the one plane swing, which really is just a conventional swing as the club in that swing is moving on two planes.

Moe Norman developed his Single Plane golf swing intuitively and became known as the best at hitting a golf ball straight of any golfer in the history of the game. Ken Venturi called Moe “Pipeline Moe”, because Moe not only hit all the fairways, but he hit it dead center where the water pipeline was on the courses back then.

Kirk Junge was a Natural golf certified Instructor who taught in Cincinnati, Ohio, and the Florida cities of West Palm Beach, Boca Raton, Fort Lauderdale, Miami, Naples, and Fort Myers. He was also responsible for answering customers golf swing related questions on the companies website at where he answered over 3000 such questions.

Kirk has perfected the art of teaching the Single Plane swing and has designed a system that will help anybody more easily learn the swing then ever before. Using a simple step by step learning process which you can follow at home, or when you are at the driving range. For more info visit

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15 thoughts on “The Easiest Golf Swing to Learn – Science and Moe Prove it – Single Plane

  1. David J, My minimalist single plane golf swing method has a number of
    similarities to Stack and Tilt. The setup of my minimalist make it easier
    for most golfers to repeat the swing then with Stack and Tilt. If you are
    happy with your results please don’t change a thing!!!

  2. How do you hit a draw with this kind of shot?
    I used a similar swing when I was first learning a few months ago, but
    found it too difficult to get the ball going the same way every time
    (sometimes straight, sometimes baby fade) and found that playing golf with
    a slight draw was easier than hitting the ball dead straight and dealing
    with bad lies or tough putts. Hitting the draw added 20 yards to my driver
    too, so I can’t go back lol

  3. i like this video, it doesn’t matter which way is better( Moe Norman or Ben
    Hogan ), it does matter on which swing fits yourself better.

    I belive modern swing is the ultimate golf swing if you want to become a
    pro golfer. Since it uses the lag and leverage to increase the club speed
    and distance. Also you can hit the ball straight if you can master it. We
    can’t ignore the distance lose when you using Moe Norman’s swing. What i
    mean is, most of the pro golfer can hit driver over 300+, if using Moe’s
    swing can hit 270+, then plus the iron’s distance lose, in some holes Moe’s
    swing will cost 1 more stroke, which is crutial in the professnioal level

    But if we can’t hit the ball pure and straight, our driver hit will only be
    around 200 to 230, even hit straight, and the iron shots can’t make the
    greens either, in this case, Moe’s swing is the better method for higher
    handicapper to lower their score.(purer strike will give more distance and
    drawer hit for sure). Since a guarantee straight driver will be much
    better than a 300+ driver without direction. Also for the amatue golfers,
    it’s good to use a simpler swing if they are lack of practice time.

  4. Wow i saw your other Moe video and thought you were a young man in his 20s
    judging from the sound of your voice. Anyway one plane seems the way for
    me, the only thing is there is no way i can play with a wide stance like
    Moe did. Is it mandatory? 

  5. This is “ok” for a high handicapper looking for an easy out to get the club
    to the back of the ball. However, there’s alot missing. This kind of swing
    doesn’t use the club as the tool it’s meant to be. Using this swing you may
    hit it “solid” however you will never hit it “pure.” There is a huge
    Don’t get me wrong, I have huge respect for Moe Norman.
    However, Moe hit it DEAD SOLID every time, and straighter and more
    accurately than anybody. Hogan hit it DEAD PURE. This “single plane” swing
    won’t produce the ground thumping pure shots.

    All that being said, if you are struggling to break 100 or 90, and just
    want to have some fun on the course while feeling like you have some
    control, this is a pretty good way.
    Also, you may hit alot of fairways, but don’t expect to be the longest in
    your foursome. Some people are ok with that though. 

  6. I’ve been working into single plane all summer. It works great for me being
    a senior golfer. Thanks Kirk for all your help on You Tube and your

  7. This method is how i was teaching myself when I first started playing golf
    about 2 years ago. I was hitting the ball pretty far and straight; then
    watching shows on golf channel like golf fix, school of golf etc. I’ve been
    trying to learn the modern swing for a long time and have made progress but
    not it’s very frustrating and your timing has to be precise. With the one
    plane swing you can get a feeling of greatness and power especially when
    you feel your body weight fall into the shot and you get that perfect
    straight little divot in front of the ball.

  8. After struggling with my wife for a few days, trying to teach her a
    “normal” swing, I stumbled onto this video. We are in our early 60’s and
    she has not touched a club for over ten years. When she saw this, she
    immediately wanted to go out into the yard and hit hard foam balls. Within
    just a few tries, she was hitting them about 200 feet, a long ways for a
    foam ball. It was a huge improvement. Trying to get her respectable on the
    course, this is a really easy and repeatable way to do that quickly!

  9. I believe that most of these you tube comments that are critiquing this
    type of swing have never tried it or they just are the typical “know it
    all” that really knows nothing about what they’re saying.

  10. Its true. If you dont play or practise three or four times a week this is
    by far the easiest way to hit solid repeatable shots. Takes so many
    variables and swing thoughts out of the equation. 

  11. has moe got a normal grip or looks to me like his hands are not interlocked
    or overlocked vardon i think looks to me like they are like you would pick
    a sledge hammer up

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