The evolution of Tiger Woods’ swing

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ZeroSumJ1 says:

I hope he gets back to dominating. Would love for him to prove the
nay-sayers wrong

frankenstein01 says:

his body is moving in anticipation of his arms? what a joke

Henry Adda Chaisritha says:

geez Tiger just go to a faith healer.

millzinc3 says:

This was a great video it does show the process and how much different each
swing is 

thestone30080 says:

Tiger Woods is a playa. Gotta love his golf swings and his sexy hot ladies.

Brandon Bailey says:

2000 and 2015.

Merge those 2 together and. ..yeah <3

madkent99 says:

the 2000 swing a thing of beauty

Jeremy Bader says:

cool video

butters hey says:

slow motion would help

Jake Sinfield says:

this video is brilliant.

Andy M says:


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