The Future of Golf Instruction, Facetime Lesson with Tony Luczak, PGA

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Filmed on location at now open!

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Marc Wysocki says:

16 minutes, you're working on moving to the left.. your backswing weight is shifting to the outside of the right foot. Wouldn't it work better if your weight stayed on the inside right foot and then shifted to your left shoelaces?. Hip Turn Weight Shift Drill Monte Scheinblum I think your right foot causes the problem.

9 to 5 Golf Hugh Manning says:

BTW I like these face time lessons. Super cool to watch!

9 to 5 Golf Hugh Manning says:

Brendon, strange question but here it goes: What were you doing at 29:30? It looks like you are trying to feel the difference between two ways to work your hips? The first being the wrong way and the second the right way? If that is what you are trying to do would you expand on this? Thanks

Ryan Sheck says:

So basically he is trying to smooth out your swing, like I've been telling you

Kyle Coursey says:

Sunglasses indoors?

HOOA Golf says:

Hey dude! I just realized something!! I saw you doing this flamingo drill a few months back and then unknowingly or subconsciously used it during a few of my range sessions. It works like a charm! I didn't realize that I got it from you until I saw this vlog. I don't do it pre-shot routine such as you used to. I did it to try and eliminate the baseball swing. (flying elbow above the head). I like it. The baseball hack is almost gone and this helped. Keep it up, man!

Raymond Rodriguez says:

wish we can see more golf vlogs

Triis31113 says:

Brendon what exactly is your backswing/takeaway thought?

Allan Ryder says:

Brendon you have my old problem which looks ugly..lifting on the backswing.I can't shake it off drives me nuts thinking of giving up after 20yrs..hey but you gotta great show.

hbyrdut says:

Does Tony give this kind of lesson "Inside the golf lab"?

Matthew Brooks says:

I notice I have better success with the flamingo drill if I don't allow any weight transfer to my right side. Is that lack of weight transfer in the drill what allows one to fire their right arm through the ball better?

John Walker says:

Ball flight with driver seems really low, especially for hitting up on it with low spin. Also, if you transition with a weight shift, you're starting with the lower body which is no longer upper body driven. Just so you can start to understand what that really means now.

If you're having more success with the flamingo, I think you should just adopt a draw like setup and close your stance a little which would sync your arms better with your rotation. Basically gives your arms a little head start over the hips. Top of backswing looks much more stable now though. You delay and allow time for the transition much better now. Seems like good progress. Think you just need to choose what is comfortable and stick with it. Meaning there are different ways you can setup and transition to achieve the same ball flights. Just depends what's more natural for you.

Be careful with that slide though. Overdoing it will stall your rotation and you'll just start flipping hard at it. I think Tony is trying to get you to start working more downwards in the downswing versus forward which is how you get ground leverage and power.

Got to find some stability otherwise you'll never be able to start controlling the club face. This lesson sounded more like a traditional swing than all the previous RG stuff. Now I'm even more curious what the difference really is.

Paul Malone says:

Brendon I would love to see your position at p6 face on . You are really flushing it like to see if your lead hand is over r thigh.My lead hand never gets there just outside but still have some foward lean.Seem like I don't quite keep the lag long enough.Like to know what Tony thoughts on that? Good work keep it up .

Paul Malone says:

Swing looks on plane better in transition.

aadamoni says:

It was hilarious when you ignored your wife's call. Tony takes priority

seth1455 says:

The swing is looking good Brendon, but I'm confused why you spend so much time on smash factor and ball speed ?
You have more than enough power to play golf with, seems like information overload when it's the first part of your downswing that you are working on.

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