The GOLF CLUBS that really make the difference to your scores!

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Steve Jones says:

Play with your buds a 3 club challenge,1 wood,iron and putter and you learn how to be creative plus we were amazed at the scores ,alot of fun!

Steve Jones says:

Think back when I started ,no wedge so you learned how to adjust with the old nine iron , open the face in the sand ,pop up chip etc ,still like a minimal set , not just one shot( yardage) and if you carry , but good challenge as alot of young guys pound it out there but 109 yards in well ( practice)

Nick Crout says:

Not being a big hitter I have a reasonable sort game and I'm good chipping around the green it saves me alot in a round

Kevin Payne says:

There used to be a par 3 course near me. But it closed to make a car par for the nearby station. I really miss playing it as it didn’t take long to play and my short game was better. I never parred it usually a couple over. It was fun. I’m surprised with land less available.. more par three courses haven’t popped up. 😊

KL says:

My optimal approach shots are 80 to 120 yds. Cleveland full-face 52 degree with the stock tour issue DG Spinner is just amazing.

Robert Hortin says:

Enjoyed this. Great commentary. Would you find much difference hitting off grass? Especially in wet or moist conditions. I sometimes struggle with those. Keep up the good work. 🦘⛳️🦘

Jeremy Stafford says:

2 out of 9…..

Alan Edwards says:

There is really no reason for the average golfer to have a bad short game. It is one of the easiest things to get better at and can lower your scores more than any other part of the game. It's also the one thing we can do almost as well as a pro if we commit some time to practice. Having confidence in your short game is a real plus and is the best part of my game now. I play my local par 3 course a lot which has really helped with the mid to short irons. I often do something similar tracking GIR versus just my score for a round. Enjoyed this one.

charlie arnold says:

I think being good with your wedges makes a huge difference, not only with your scores, but building confidence.

Richard Reed says:

It would been have great if you and Adam from “Not a Scratch Golfer” could have met up in the US for some videos, but I don’t think you both were down there at the same time. Both of you aren’t super long but definitely manage to make your way around a golf course and shoot decent scores which I think covers the majority of amateur golfers that watch your channels.

Richard Reed says:

Easy to ignore this part of our game. They’re called “scoring” irons for a reason. Don’t forget putting!!

Fred J Apel says:

I'll say 4 holes

nbargolf says:

18 hole par 3 near me played once not a bad course but very busy. It's fairways are close so your taking your life into your hands balls flying everywhere once was enough. For me 90-100 yards decent 40 yards in terrible.

Rufuss Thoo says:

Putting aside, I'd say 50% wedges and short game (pitching and chipping), 20% short/mid irons, 20% long irons/hybrids/fairway woods off the turf and 10% driver and 3 wood off a tee. I also have the 'luxury' of a 2 x 18 hole par 3 complex not too far from me. Great fun and great 'approach shot' practice.

jeff bates says:

Andy great video

Paul Stewart says:

Short game practice facilities are severely lacking everywhere. Not allowed to practice on the course.

fraser thomson says:

Great idea Andy. I think you will hit 6 greens. For amateurs 60% of all shots are within 100 metres. If anyine who goes to a range practiced at least half of their shots with wedges they would drop their handicap.

Grant Hodges says:

Nothing like a little par 3 course for honing the short game Skills 👍🏻🇦🇺

Ray Prouty says:

Nice video Andy! Maybe a punch 9 on the last hole would have worked better.

KillaRick says:

My “home” course is basically a Par 3 course with 7 of the 9 holes being Par 3’s. I feel like wedge game really developed playing there. From off the tee to just off the green, it really helped me develop the feel of distance, speed, spin, and height of chips. I do enjoy myself on some of the longer courses but it is nice to get creative on smaller courses with how your approach the hole.

vimy 15 says:

thx for that .. you have encouraged me to go out and just him my 52, 5 gap and p/w exclusively .. looking for a course now

Tommy P Landscape says:

Great vid really enjoyable

Dennis Hammer says:

6, you got this ,😂😉

Allah Ali Baba says:

Not knowing how large the greens are or the distances..I would say 4 out of 9 ….Just a guess….Oh by the way Andy…I have found that if I am pulling the ball to the left with wedges in my hand it is because I am not letting my right shoulder go under my chin before I start to rise and follow through…Stay down in your swing stand a micro second longer…Works for me…Love these 3 hole course, will have to build one out here in the Desert….Thanks….

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