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Michael Breed demonstrates three drills to stop your swing from coming over the top.

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Harry Lawrence says:

Why so few tuition videos from GC nowadays ??????

Darren Cain says:

I almost bought a set of 10 steak knives after watching this video!

John Clare says:

When I was still a starter, I was able to attain a slice and 150 yards by conducting a regular drive. When I tried the “Jοmtοnο Naha” (Google it) golf swing strategies, the standard drives I hit range from 200-220 yards. Sometimes even longer. My handicap has gone from a 26 to a 16. Look for the guide and try making use of it these days.. .

sawy78 says:

I have been golfing for around two decades, unable to break Ninety. 3-4 years ago, I couldn’t secure an excellent round but that was prior to I read through the golf swing strategies “Jοmtοnο Naha” (Google it). My irons aren`t that great. My drive doesn’t reach a terrific range but I am able to properly grip my driver without any trouble. .

mario and friends says:

This guy is good

Golf Guys says:

Nice video tips. Loved it.

g p says:

That back to the target drop it inside is bad advice because majority of golfers will get stuck to the inside and will not have time to square the face and rotate to the left resulting in a push or flip. For myself I like being on top of the plane swinging on line to the left as I exit which gives me a nice fade or straight shot. I like to be on top of the plane but not like a hacker! It works for me but you need to find out for yourself.

j818 says:

He doesn't really talk like this he just talks like this so people can pay attention I've heard him on the radio he talks like a normal person

jose fernando Jaramillo says:

Los tips o clase de golf seria bueno subtitulado en español.

Kenneth Kimbrell says:

He could sell some shamwows for sure

Rob Martinez says:

His yelling is passion. . . . . for the game… For what he does… Relax people

D S says:

Another method is to swing more like Fred Couples; he takes the club away more outside and up and then it drops back down to the inside naturally, since golf is a game of opposites. Those who take it away inside have more of a tendency to come over the top.

stephen f says:

"Back to target": see also Haney, Toski, Flick, Love Jr., Vivien Saunders, et al. Same for the other advice as well. It's largely a matter of training yourself not to dominate the swing with the shoulders, especially on the downswing. One you make the initial "over" move of even a few inches with the shoulders, starting the downswing from the shoulders down, the path the club takes to the ball, if it's going to hit the ball at all, is impossibly steep. You can't hit the back of the ball forward from there. Also, the approach is not only from steeply downward but also from the outside. Even coming slightly across the ball from the outside tends to move contact away from the sweet spot and toward the toe. The combination of force dissipating into the ground instead of the back of the ball and near-certain bad contact on the face is just devastating. It's the #1 flaw of nearly all handicappers and occasionally plagues even pros.

The well-known "magic move" advocated by Harvey Penick also addresses the problem. In case you're not familiar with it, he used to tell players to practice in very slow motion starting the downswing with a bump of your weight to the left (for a RH player) and, at the same time, bringing the right elbow, turned in and under (inside of elbow facing upward and outward, facing the right downswing plane), back close to the side without doing anything at all with hands and without turning the shoulders and upper body toward the target at all in that initial move.

The feeling you're looking for here, and with any of these drills or aids, is that your shoulders are enabling the movement of arms-hands-club, but not pushing and shoving the arms-hands-club around. Shoulder movement makes the right path and plane possible, but especially for male players, there's so much strength in the shoulders it feels like you should be applying it directly and forcefully to the swinging motion. But dominating the swing with the shoulders as a primary mover of the club is just death.

Kort Kleinman says:

How much adderall does this guy take before the show?

allen D says:

Michael – Keep up your passion for teaching golf and do not listen to these people who just want to try to be funny. You are a great instructor and one that is trying to help golfers understand this extremely difficult game. Thank you very much and keep up the good work.

alcraig1 says:

Over the top? or outside – in? Even one degree outside it will likely put slice spin on the ball.

Chris Frazer says:

All good tips from Breed. Trail shoulder down & through is key. Trail shoulder turns shallow and out towards the ball, you got an over the top swing.

Jason Flink says:

Back to the target – Incredible tip. Drawing the ball now

monkeybreeks jov says:

2 good tips = thanks Michael, will give it a go

Vegas Mitchell says:

1st 2 Tee Shots DIDN'T Draw??

Daniel D says:


Francisco Moran says:

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try Magonsi Amazing Golf Expert (Have a quick look on google cant remember the place now ) ? Ive heard some interesting things about it and my co-worker got cool success with it.

Blake Davies says:

Aren't all the pros trying 2 hit high fade now? Dustin? High fade 350 down the middle.

vpmclaughlin says:

Dear Michael, I just wanted to thank you for your brilliant video. The words ‘ keep your back to the target as long as possible’ have completely cured my over the top swing motion, forcing me to come inside and connect with the ball so sweetly I am hitting my 8 iron around 155/160 yds. I applied the technique my rescue and driver and it works! The connection, power and impact is so pure, I couldn’t quite believe it. Most shots were straight with a nice draw to them, those that didn’t go straight still flew a long way due to the connection. Your free gratis advice is much appreciated. If I ever make it over to the States, the beers are on me. Cheers. Vince from Harrogate, England

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