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sharkface 70 says:

Is this the same as the butt of the club pointing at the left groin for right handers?

Ryan Gannon says:

I love it in line with my left arm. I do tend to address the ball with a slightly open face. Shawn Clement is my favorite YouTube coach. He really makes more sense than most.

Ian Woollard says:

This is very helpful to me,I’m playing with the hands to far forward and feeling really twisted up and hooking balls too often as a result. The thing I’d like to know is what do I need to do next to compress the ball better from a neutral shaft position like this. I was taught to address the ball with shaft lean to get me into a better position to compress the ball and hit it in the middle of the club face. I think over time I’ve got a bit muddled and increased the amount of lean to a detrimental amount. Other parts of my swing have improved and the forward lean is now starting to hold me back.

Cody S says:

I`m a professional of golf and even when I have been at it for 20 years, I still had difficulty going over Ninety. I was not able to attain an excellent round during the last 3-4 years right up until I finished reading these golf swing tricks “Jοmtοzο kaha” (Google it). I`m not efficient when using my irons. My drive doesn’t get to a great distance but I can properly hold my driver without any trouble. .

Coolhand850 says:


Scott Robinson says:

Good players that start with shaft lean also tend to set the hands lower. Hands forward actually opens the face; hands lower will orient it more to the left.

Zachary Warner says:

I feel like I hit the ball best with the club shaft pointing left of my belly button.

Eric Reyes says:

So much conflicting advice. Other instructors recommend forward shaft lean and strong grip. I guess both methods can work. Just depends on the execution.

jimmy man utd says:

when your shaft is in line with your lead arm i find it so weird when opening the face, so when you open the face do you move your shaft forward abit ?

patrick kennedy says:

paul casy and roary mclroy  both say hands forward at address even with driver  , they play on the tour  I think I will stick with those two  SHAFT LEAN IS RIGHT

Leo Chang says:

How about a slight forward press prior to the start of backswing for irons?

Ben Mosher says:

This did a great job of describing shaft angle from the front facing camera position, but what about shaft angle from the down the line camera position? In other words, where should the shaft point in the down the line view?… towards the pelvis, waist, abdomen or chest perhaps? I'm thinking of someone like DeChambeau, where the shaft is angled strait up the arm and towards the chest, Vs. someone like Furyk where the hands are held very low and the shaft is angled through upper thigh almost. A quick video on this would be quite interesting, as I am curious about what affect this has on the swing in general.

Justin says:

Thanks lads!!!! So important to have a body part ref point as a guide.

Sander Foppele says:

Stupid question maybe, what brand are the trousers?

Sharnn Shepheard says:

Big foot sighting…LMAO!!!

billy grey says:

Great info thanks guys

Ric Fair says:

hi, Lads all i can say is what jobs you have.

Albert Kotze says:

Guys, I need to know that the position of my head in relation to the ball is ok. A demonstration will not really help. Could it work if you fit a camera to your head and let us see what you see when you address the ball with different clubs, i.e. short iron, mid iron, long iron and driver? And perhaps vary the head position so that I can see where I am.

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