The Golf Shop: P790 Irons

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mark hillier says:

This is so funny love it

Todd Wilson says:

well done, so good!!

Curtis Polysou says:

Oh man this is easily the best yet! Every line just get's better and better!

P950 B says:

If taylormade had any sense they would use this as an actual advert. genius

Ryan Maille says:

Effing hilarious. Don't know how you come up with these.

Derek Urban says:

Glad it was just speed foam. I was afraid the dad was walking in on his son playing with his TP5x's. Nobody wants to see that.

Jeremy Holt says:

Great video. Definitely humor for the hardcore golf nut though. Best reference is the PXG boy down the street, "Bobbie". Perfect!

ATC235 says:

Awesome lol tears in my eyes. That was just awesome.

Fore Skins Golf says:

That's hilarious my man .. Great job

Haris Bajric says:

Awesome stuff man, this one was pretty damn good!!!

Gerry Armstrong says:

Hilarious !!!

Nick McDonald says:

I’m sure people watched that (my son) and didn’t have a clue what you were talking about but to a golf geek it was the funniest thing on the internet. You’ve made the best three lines ever in golf – ‘if we de-loft him any more, people will think he’s a putter’, ‘in 10 months time when you have a son of your own’ (genius) and ‘I wish I was never forged’. You’ve outdone yourself Randy!

john uren says:

By the way kid, your great grandpa was doing speed foam back in the day

GWN says:

Well done, keep them coming.

john uren says:

This is the "bomb". "I'm off to have my speed slots removed " they're so last month??

David DeCamp says:

I agree this is the best golf shop episode yet. Had me laughing out loud. Great job!!!!!!

Richard Johnson says:

Might be your best ever

Don Vee says:

You knocked this one out of the park!!!

MrKydaman says:

So funny…..great stuff

Frank O Brien says:

Awesome stuff. Loving your work mate. Keep the vids coming !!!

Jonatan Medina says:

Wow… majestic! HAHAHAHA!

Michael Pasvantis says:

10,000 thumbs up ? ??????????????????????

Wade Preston says:

Seriously funny!

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