The Golf Swing Breakdown

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If you watch how the best golfers in the world swing the club… You’ll notice they all do it a little differently (and guys like Jim Furyk and Matthew Wolff really do it, ALOT differently)! But there ARE some common threads running through all these great swings. And the most common one of them is something YOU could easily be doing in no time at all. ​THIS would IMMEDIATELY improve how far and straight you hit the ball (and your ability to do it CONSISTENTLY).

But if you’re like most amateur golfers…
​You’re probably NOT doing this one “THING” that all the pros do and it’s robbing you of distance, accuracy AND consistency.
​That’s why it’s called a “rookie mistake” — it hurts your game whether you’ve been playing for weeks, months, years…or decades.
​Fix it, and you can start hitting the longest and straightest shots of your life…CONSISTENTLY.

Most experts agree, the root cause of the golf swing breakdown can be attributed to moving or swaying off the golf ball during your swing path. You were unable to get your body and club back into the correct position at the moment of impact.

The ECLIPSE head position monitor…
The Automatic Way to Stop “Moving Off the Ball” So You Can Start Hitting the Best Shots of Your Life
For less than the cost of 1 single lesson or even the cost of lunch for that matter. Golf Ideas Designed has teamed up with top engineers and Golf Pros to develop the Eclipse head position monitor. The Eclipse is an optical device that provides in real time, 360 degree instant and exact feedback as to your head and body movement during your swing. It puts you in and keeps you in the correct position and stance from backswing to follow through. So Simple but so effective!

Simple & Effective
Adjusts for Any Player
Adjusts for Any Club
Folds Flat to Go or Stow Anywhere
No Batteries Needed
No WiFi Needed
No Apps to Installs

…But Extremely Powerful…

Gain 10, 20, Even 30+ Yards
Finally Enjoy Consistent Contact
Prevents “Moving Off the Ball”
Stops Slices, Hooks, Blocks, Pulls
Stops Fat and Thin Shots


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