The Hips Tilt AND Turn in the Golf Swing!

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I believe that the hips should tilt and turn during the golf swing. Like many of the classic swings of yesterday, Nicklaus and Snead for example, the hips simply don't turn level.

This helps control the swing plane, creates a tremendous weight shift for more clubhead speed and driving distance. To watch part 2, click here:

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Doug Williams says:

The interesting thing that I see at the beginning of your swing is that you appear to move right before you even start your backswing. Do you have a video on this with the slo-mo angle from the back?

Doug Williams says:

Quick question on your slow-mo camera, what camera do you use and what is the frame rate?

Trailjunkie says:

Great job Steve! Love that up the line slo mo don’t know why more instructionals don’t teach from that angle

W X says:

Solid info. I can't tell you how many people turn level and mess up their timing. We incline toward the ball, therefore hip tilt is critical. Solid video.

fourftr says:

Steve that last angle was the best it gives us a better visual on how the club comes under and then out to the ball. The one I’m talking about is the slow motion one right after the view from behind you. I bet you I just studied that angle for the past five minutes

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