The Mere Golf Resort Part 2/3

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The Mere Golf & Spa Resort Part 2/3
The Mere:
Mobile: 07952514656

Rick Shiels Senior PGA Golf Coach at Trafford Golf Centre Challenges Peter Finch also from Trafford Golf Centre to a challenge match around the beautiful The Mere Golf Resort & Spa in Cheshire.

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James Harris says:

I need a 5 and a half iron! Love it lol

Dave Parry says:

Love Finches swing tempo. I reckon you & Finchy should challenge Parfield &
Lockster in a North vs South golf challenge Rick.

benjo33682 says:

Finchy has a great swing!

JCRocksteady says:

Hope the greenkeepers don’t watch this video – all those big fairway divots
you two didn’t replace / repair!!

Jeff M says:

Great video!

11hoursoff says:

Colonel mustard’s running out of time

Derek Comer says:

GoPro in front of the tee,, good job you didn’t top your shot lol, you
should have kept the base that the camera comes on, would have sat better
on the grass, great video

Ron Geronimo says:

Nice vid. Bring on part 3

Anthony C says:

Great course video. Would love to see more of these. Well done.

redlinejcw says:

Bring on part 3!

Richard Hanley says:

Different gravy

Cole Tenwolde says:

These are some great videos Rick! Pete seems like a good guy too!

PJ D says:

I’ve watched more of this channel over the past 2 weeks than I have tv.
Love it. Great job, Rick. Keep ’em coming.

jamie carline says:

Another great video and you guys are hitting it well,looking forward to
part 3

butette says:

Both of you are hitting the ball so well, especially Peter, such a nice
swing, but not getting the ball to the hole! Thanks for making the nice

Tiger O'Sullivan says:

Is that a price tag on finchy’s putter, is it going back in the shop after
this haha

Sgt Pepper says:

What driver are using in this video Rick?

The Hinchy's says:

Woah, the compliments :/

madmanc111 says:

Cool. Looking forward to the North vs South match. Get it on ⛳️

Sean Murphy says:

greens look dead slow:)

Rat454 says:

Nice vids Rick. Peter was a great inclusion, nice swing. Just one question,
where has the “claw of DOOM” gone? Lol ;)

Tom McDonald says:

Great Vid Rick and Pete. Please, please, please keep these coming.
Especially your strategies on the type of shots needed and your thoughts to
back them up.
Keep up the great work.

madmanc111 says:

Would be great YouTube viewing and a top match. Rick&Pete vs

daveyhitch says:

Finchy is awesome….even tho he looks like David Seaman! 

Fore @u says:


Siri.S. says:

Mr. Finch, quite possibly the best swing tempo I have ever seen – very

Andy On the Range says:

Good Golf but should set and example and replace your divots!

Rick Shiels PGA says:

Rick Shiels Senior PGA Golf Coach at Trafford Golf Centre Challenges Peter
Finch also from Trafford Golf Centre to a challenge match around the
beautiful The Mere Golf Resort & Spa in Cheshire.

gbvoul says:

You’re playing covert forged?

Daniel Stephens says:

Do you know anything about golf ‘crash courses’??? Are they a good idea? 

danep82 says:

If you like the last hole when your in Ireland look up Rathcore, the 18th
is similar but harder but a nicer looking hole.


very interesting practice (half swing) you take it back Square. every real
shot though your leading edge at the top is pointing straight to ground ie
45 degrees open. your takeaway is like Lee Trevino. you miss a lot of
fairways. Maybe Mr Crossfield can sort you out. 

Welsh TourDrivenGolfer says:

Thought you had a white crown on that driver rick?

jamie carline says:

Hi Rick I’m in the market for a new driver,after watching your driver
reviews and the course vlogs the Ping drivers seem to perform really well
with regards to being forgiving and come out on top for distance,I’m trying
the new Bio cell driver but which ping driver would you recommend to
try,just looking for more distance off the tee.I play off 12 and currently
use the 910 D2.thanks Jamie

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