The most FORGIVING PING irons I’ve hit – G700 Review

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The most FORGIVING PING irons I've hit!

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Rick Shiels Golf says:

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mharri333 Harrison says:

Great review Rick. I would love to see an average player hit these. Someone that really needs the forgiveness like the majority of us watching videos. Excellent quality video!

Curtrk08 says:

This is just me but scratches wouldn’t bother me as much as performance, if I can’t hit a shiny club I can’t hit a scratched one either so… but great review though might upgrade soon

Zach Padgett says:

Sounds like a hybrid or wood

doug1lau1 says:

I finally had my hand w some different Ping irons at the store, and I was shocked at just how good the newer Pings feel, not to mention the mega yardage! i210, i500, G700… all wonderful feeling clubs. The I series clubs hit closer to my Mizunos in feel and distance, but my god, I was catapulting shots w the G700s. If I were in the market for new clubs, I’d seriously consider any of them

John Robinson says:

I just got fitted at Sillvermere golf club and ended up with these irons. The are amazing, super forgiving and the sound off the face is wow! Yes they are slightly pricey but they over preformed on everything else I tested.

Barry smith says:

Nice review Ricky ⛳️

nakolo7 says:

I would love to see the G700 compared to the club it’s supposed the replace, the G Max.

Ryan Brennan says:

Good content

badbob961 says:

Rick, good review. With all the very good clubs out there would you recommend a good club fitting to help with your choice? I've seen evidence that fitting doesn't help that much. I play to a 12 hdcp so would fitting help? Great reviews on all your club tests.

bodhi1961 says:

Rick, I bought these irons after you said you hit 20 straight Greens and said you wouldn't play with them personally. I've had them for three months now. Initially I did not care for the sound. The feel wasn't as buttery as my G30's. I don't have a fast swing speed with my irons. I carry the gap 110, PW 130, 9 140, and so on in increments of 10 yards. My misses are on the toe past the grooves. They usually carry the distance anyway. I have grown to love these irons. They stop just fine using "real" Vice Pro Plus golf balls. I shoot in the high 70’s for the most part and occasionally under par. Having said all that I may want to mix in the new 500's from 8 iron down. Thanks for your reviews.

Eric D says:

Spectacular review Rick, possibly the best I've ever seen ?

Josh Glover says:

I just found your channel. TONS of help. Thanks man.

richard lee says:

great video rick. Quick question, what is the main differences with these irons and the g400? from watching both of your reviews on them they seem to be filling the same area of the market?

Emile Cyr says:

Better than a m4 for a mid to high handicaper

G.O.A.T_Gaming says:

in my opinion they look similar to the p790 irons

Freddy Bigtoe says:

Regarding the 7i stopping on the green in the on course testing, it's hard to buy the argument that you were able to do that due to your speed and good form. You had the same speed and form hitting from the mats. The spin should not be that different. Maybe the green you were hitting to outdoors was unusually soft due to the weather?

MikkelNissum says:

Can you get Rob to test them on the course so we can see how an average golfer (no offense Rob) performe with these clubs.

Duncan Whittaker says:

Look great.very stylish.

Petrol Head says:

There are basically a Ping version of the P790.

Mr. Nick says:

I hear these are for someone with a slow swing and high handicap. I wonder if a slower swing would help gain ball spin?

2Bad says:

Rob Potter should be reviewing these clubs along with on course testing. I'm beginning to think that on corse testing is the only way to go now. These dry ball LM data tests don't tell the whole story as to how the clubs will preform in the real world. The G700 is a perfect example of this and yes Rick should be playing these clubs because it's the best he's ever hit any irons. 😀

Carlos Quinones says:

Are these clubs right for a senior 13 handicap?

Robert Hampton says:

Great looking club,I want them.

Peter Cavellini says:

Never a price…..??

Frankie Russell says:

they look sexual

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