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Find out what TXG's picks are for the most underrated clubs of the year!

0:00 // Intro
1:16 // Driver
3:23 // Fairway Wood
4:49 // Irons
7:10 // Wedges
9:12 // Conclusions

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Filmed at: Tour Experience Golf
Custom Golf Club Fitting Studio – Toronto, Canada

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columkenn says:

The Cobra fairway woods are excellent too

Rodney Mounsey says:

Question: currently play Callaway ApexCF16, is it worth the upgrade to the 21s?

Mr Hardy says:

I recently got fitted and the Honma irons felt best… im super happy with my purchase go Honma

Johnathon Stribling says:

How do these two not have more subscribers? Absolutely my favorite golf channel.

Jim Aldridge says:

In order for any club to perform you have to have a repetitive golf swing. You can have the best made club in the business, without a swing, it's just a club.

ProfessorCockrum says:

As always, well done fellas, I LOVE my Srixon…

Marcus johansson says:

What about Wilson irons, great feel and lots of bang for the bucks !

1st eighteen says:

The Honma TWX irons where seriously so under rated and my favorite irons I’ve played so far. So I’m glad so see their newer irons got some love in this.

Jack Gouty says:

Any review of the TR21X irons coming soon?? They look great!

WhiskerRub says:

Mere Mortal here , I’m glad you used that phrase I’m going to be using it lots on the course seems more politically correct then “Shite Golfer” for me😂 … curious to know has any TXG fit prescription matched up to these clubs? 👍

Miguelito Aniceto says:

I love my Hogan PTX. Great forged feeling irons. Mizuno and Taylormade don’t get enough love for wedges because I feel like Vokey dominates the market.

Dan Kosek says:

I am disappointed you didn't mention the Hogan irons (PTx pro or Icon) or Mizuno woods??? You spoke highly of both in their reviews.

AndrewKMac says:

I have the Hot Metals with Recoil stiff shafts. The ball sure is flying

Brian Mann says:

Anything in the game improvement category for irons ?

Scott Hansen says:

After this added it to my latest test session. REALLY impressed with ZX7. completely would not have expected. was thinking titleist tsi2 or tsi3 but this is giving me a reason to think.

Stephen Van Vleck says:

Always enjoy the TXG content. If I’m not mistaken, Srixon drivers bagged another major in 2021. The Evian Championship with Minjee Lee.

Mon Rivera says:

Hey guys, have you heard of the Yamaha inpres Ud+2 club sets. Could you also do a review of these club sets?

Rufuss Thoo says:

OK, now you've done the 'most overlooked/underrated' how about doing a 'Giant Killer' video, i.e those cheaper/budget and/or little known brands (including, but not limited to DTC brands) that are the equal of the big brand 'hero' clubs.

Nader Zein says:

Srixon balls are super underrated too.

trek ciaravino says:

Seeing the comments, I'm surprised to see you haven't reviewed any Tour Edge products.

Wade Preston says:

Wilson irons are underrated

Sir Norbert Smith says:

Could you do a podcast video on the grip variations available and the pros and cons of each type…


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