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New Titleist U500 & New Tiltleist U510

In this video PGA golf professional Rick Shiels puts the brand new Titleist Golf U500 & U510 utility irons to the test.

Many golfers have ditched long irons and are now using hybrid or rescue clubs. Even most of the top PGA Tour and European Tour players will switch between long irons/hybrids and 5 woods. Including Tiger Woods, Rory McIlroy and Dustin Johnson.

TaylorMade Golf, Callaway Golf, Srixon Golf, Mizuno Golf and PXG Golf are all known for their utility irons. Will this new club from Titleist match up to them?

Rick heads out to the Worsley Park Marriott golf and country club in North West England to put the utilities to the test. How do they perform from the tee, from the fairway, from the rough and can Rick play a famous Tiger Woods ‘stinger' with the 1 iron?


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Rick Shiels Golf says:

This is how many yards you could hit the 1 iron ?

Single-cell Shark says:

sounds like a really quiet driver

Paul Stevens says:

What if you was to bent the 2 iron into the 1 iron and extend it to 1 iron size do you think that would be better to do instead of buying the iron

Dynamic3DLtd says:

We need some launch data for these clubs, especially the u510, there is none on tube and there was very little in this video.
Hit a few at the studio please rick!

Davis Adams says:

This sounds like my ping hybrid

Rodney McGiveron says:

Funny thing for me , I'm a left hander with a draw . I can't rely on my fairway woods , can't hit a hybrid but I loved using my 2 and 3 irons and used to hit them pretty well …I did own a 1 iron when I played off 6/7 handicap . I had a few years not playing at all after injuring my arm really badly and only recently started playing again . I can still hit my 2 and 3 and still find it hard to use anything else with confidence ….long irons can be really rewarding to use .


I have an older Titleist 2 iron and on the days I’m swinging consistently well it’s a great weapon on shorter, narrower par 4’s and into the wind. Bottom line is if you can pure a long iron you know you’re swinging correctly and can hit any other club with ease. I get tons more satisfaction nuking a long iron than ripping driver 360+. The felling is incomparable. Am definitely interested in upgrading to the U500.

boxysquare says:

I can’t hit fairway woods, but I can hit a 1 and 2 iron pretty well. It would be interesting to try these clinics in the video to see the difference in feel and performance.

Sheriff Shim says:

I have the U500 2-iron and absolutely love it.

Ben Main says:

You should review the new "Haywood Golf" SDI 18* iron. Only $200 CAD out of Vancouver.

Anything from Haywood Golf would be an amazing review. Just ordered my set the other day.

onespeed says:

U510 Rick has speed but saying you need more speed ?

juan delgado says:

That looks soooo nice !

Thomas Jackson says:

So the 1 iron or even 2 can technically replace a fairway wood?

Boris Markov says:

Still need to improve my swing to even consider that. For now I´m sticking to my Adams Idea 2 hybrid….16.5 degrees loft.

Nick Young says:

You can buy a customized Driver from Sub70golf for that price hehe

The bull El toro says:

Who would have thought there were one million morons out there?????
Now sit back on the couch with your bag of Doritos?
I'm sure you have a computer screen to drool over??????

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