The One, The Open

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The One, The Open is a short film celebrating the heritage of The Open. It conveys the drama and emotion of the players and the fans and their shared experience of the unrelenting challenge of links golf.

Produced by David White and written and voiced by television commentator and former British & Irish Lions rugby player, Eddie Butler, the film evokes the special narrative of The Open’s 150-year history with stirring images of the championship, the champions and the fans throughout golf’s illustrious history.

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Try Thinking For a change says:

Way over done, made me want to puke.

I have great respect for the Open but please ,keep it real.

Paul COFFINEAU says:

Pourriez vous me traduire la vidéo précédente svp ?

Alf says:

I said open YouTube and got here ok

Susan Johnson says:

Love this video!

koga godai says:

Yes, it is one of the heritage of The  Open which makes too emotional feeling after the game ,and then all sky-wide theatergoing calls us more exciting and legendary scene to our surprise. tjk

Thimble says:

That's beautiful. Very moving actually!

Dave Gifford says:

Eddie Butler for the Beeb does these montages & voice overs better than anyone else. 

TP Tour says:

Golf's no.1…The Open – Bring back Monday Qualifying on the local links courses! That was inspiration.

Yann Blaevoet says:

Un tournoi plus que magique ! ⛳️

The Open says:

Introducing The One, The Open.
A celebration of our heritage, champions and you – the fans.
Watch it now.

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