The Open 2012 Tiger Woods triple bogey

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cootsteak says:

An 82! Worst round ever! Hahahahaha! I guess Tiger isn’t managing his waste
all that well. Even has to lie about his tooth. We all know that it was
effed up when Elin beat the crap out of him. No more majors for Tiger. Jack
reigns supreme!

Anthony Kernich says:

I reckon when he 3 putted from 6 feet at the Masters was pretty funny as

cjs83172 says:

Even though it was officially recorded as a triple bogey 7, I believe that
Tiger actually recorded a quintuple bogey 9 on this hole. The reason is
that on Tiger’s first bunker shot, his shot appears to hit him on the
rebound, and if a golfer is hit by his own shot, that is a 2-stroke
penalty. If you watch that shot again, you’ll notice that after the ball
hits the lip and ricochets back, it somehow hits the front lip a second
time. The only way that’s possible is if the ball hit Tiger or his shirt,
and if it did, and it certainly appeared to based on the fact that the ball
hit the front lip twice on the same shot, then that’s a 2-stroke penalty
for him getting hit by his own shot. So even though this was official
recorded as a triple bogey, I believe was actually a quintuple bogey (five
over par on one hole).

moreme40 says:

I would have wanted to hit that last putt with my 3 wood with all my might

TheMicky53 says:

Well, the majors are all done for 2014, and still not a win for the Great
One. It’ll be going on 7 years since a major win for Tiger. Who would have

cootsteak says:

PGA Championship: Didn’t make the cut.

“Oh, my aching back! Damn those PEDs! Damn those bimbos!”

phorest says:

don’t watch much golf so I don’t know but are you not allowed to shoot the
ball away from the hole? (referring to the first shot he made)

cootsteak says:

19 strokes off the lead going into the final round of The Open
Championship. What did I tell ya? No more majors for Tiger. He should just
retire and concentrate on recruiting new members for his Skanktown Sorority

Hank Stone says:

“Oh, my back! Wait, I meant to say wrist. Stevie, I forget, what’s this
week’s feigned injury? Stevie? Oh hell, I fired the best caddie on tour.
What’s your name, is it ‘Joe’? Joe, get me a new red shirt, mine is

Hank Stone says:


David Tigue says:

We all have bad days even the greats

cootsteak says:

As it should be. No more majors for Tiger.

MrFuturemedstudent says:

@cootsteak And why is his comeback done? Do you know something that the
going world doesn’t? It’s clear that you know nothing about golf. Your
opinion isn’t backed up or supported by facts. So go and run along
expressing your invalid opinion somewhere else.

Phil Williams says:

Something on his mind and it ain’t golf

FrostyTheFool says:

You’re an idiot. Anybody who understands how well Tiger is playing right
now would say that Tiger will win at least 6 more majors. He’s won three
times this year in only 6 or 7 starts. He’s back to being dominant again,
whether you want to admit it or not. (He finished 4th at the masters…
without that bullshit penalty he would have probably won).

cootsteak says:

Haha!!! Still no majors.

hbinapal24 says:

Were you trying to be funny?

Phil Williams says:

Not at All just simply stating he wasn’t playing very good maybe because he
has something on his mind.

Joshua Guss says:

Tiger Woods just wanted to visit the Beach.

beninatorskater says:

I would’ve taken about 3 wacks at it in the bunker, probably over-shoot the
green on the third and four putt.

Kyle Kusniak says:

Hard to feel sorry for a billionaire.

shredx81 says:

Wow. You’re really stupid. Bye Bye.

Matt Fang says:

still looks better than my driver hit

Barrels Stills says:

plenty of time for many more Majors… go tiger at the Bridgestone and PGA

johnny67448 says:

The guy on YT whom is citing his own opinion as fact regarding Tiger never
winning a Major AGAIN, is the same guy whom claimed Tiger would never win
on the PGA tour AGAIN.

shredx81 says:

On the contrary. Your prediction is 100% incorrect until Tiger Woods has
retired from professional Golf. So no. You still don’t know what you’re
talking about.

FrostyTheFool says:

Proven right? He has more wins than anybody this year, is leading the fedex
cup, and has the most combined wins over the past 2 years on top of that.
As of right now, he is the most dominant player on tour. That is fact, not
opinion. I do agree with you on the penalty part, I meant bullshit on his
part, not on the ruling.

Bayard Ndam says:

I read your comment and i had to rub it in your face and hopefully you’ll
take it gracefully … tiger won the Players trophy this week for the 2nd
time. Be cool.

J. Murray says:

A normal player would almost be better off playing it backwards out of the

cootsteak says:

Stick a fork in him. He’s done!

johnny67448 says:

He will never have a better chance of winning his 15th Major than this

cootsteak says:

11 strokes off of the lead going into the final round at the Bridgestone.
Whoops!. Sorry! Going in the wrong direction for that next major. No more
for Tiger.

cootsteak says:

Still no majors to speak of. And there won’t be again. Sorry!

Marcus Apchin says:

wish i got cheered on for making triple bogey

Pronto90 says:

Oh look who’s number one in the world at the moment? Yeah, it’s Tiger again.

Arthur Haverkamp says:

The other part of golf…sometimes it doesn’t go the way you want it.

Mrombreful says:

Tiger dropping a triple bogey… He is human which is good to see

ToodsWiger says:

He tied for third

sidecar771 says:

Rule 28-c was probably the best play.

R3dbullSalzburg says:

would have won

cootsteak says:

I know what I’m talking about so far. So far my prediction is 100% correct.
No more majors for Tiger.

Andrea Zanolini says:

This isn’t a bunker!! It’s a meteorite crater!! .. I still don’t undestand
how he was able go get out this situation… OMG!

cootsteak says:

Actually, I do. I said that he’ll win tournaments here and there, but will
not win another major. So far I’m 100% correct. So far he has done exactly
what I said he would do. My prediction cannot be termed incorrect UNTIL
Woods is done with golf. Until he wins another major, I’m right on the
money. Learn to accept it.

MrFuturemedstudent says:

@cootsteak So all success in someone’s career is based around majors? So
Lee Westwood’s career has been a complete failure? You do make me laugh.
It’s just bitter and ignorant morons like you that ca’t accept Tiger’s
achievements TGIs year. From 58th to 2nd in the world. Sheer determination
and guts.

chris tucker says:

The ball he was using was “racist”. plain and simple!

cootsteak says:

If I worded it thas way it “might be credible?” That’s not only credible,
it’s the absolute truth. But that’s not a prediction, nor is it a belief.
Predictions ARE future tense, moron. And you can’t term my prediction
incorrect UNTIL Woods is done. Sorry. If you don’t like the way I worded
it, tough. My belief is that he won’t. Yours is that he will. Even though
you haven’t said it, your belief is that he will. You’re no different.
You’re just being pissy.

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