The Perfect Golf Swing is Easier Than You Think

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If you are truly looking to master the perfect golf swing, you want to make sure you have to master three key areas: the setup, top of the swing, and the finish. Master these three areas to help you get your perfect golf swing!

In this video, we discuss how you can get a perfect setup every time, as well as how to get your club in the right position at the top of your golf swing, and finally a great feel to finish your golf swing in a great spot.

The Golf Swing Setup: start with your feet together in a straight line, ball in the center of your stance. Simply take your lead and trail feet, space them equally apart. This is going to help with ball position, get your body nice and square and help you perfect that golf swing setup.

The Top of the Golf Swing: take your setup, put the club in front of you with the arms relaxed, and take the swing to the top. This will help naturally get your golf swing in a great position at the top of the golf swing.

The Golf Swing Finish: a good finish is in balance. When you finish, I want you to have your knees touching and your hips and body facing the target. You master these three golf swing positions, you are on your way to mastering your golf swing.

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Jacey Bullard says:

My golf game is getting so much better watching these videos!! Its far from perfect but I just started playing a little over a year ago

William Price says:

Thanks Todd, I have been struggling with tempo for years. Sometimes I get it for six holes then loose it and keep going back to muscle. I will try your tip. Thanks again.

Paul Ferguson says:

Good, simple tips

Chris Sunseri says:

Some background. I’ve been a single digit handicap for around 15 years. I’m 66 years old. My miss is a hook which I suffer from a couple times of year and have a really hard time breaking the habit.

I saw one of your drills about keeping your club “outside” the hands on the takeaway. I developed a drill based on that drill where I lag the club head behind my hands during the back swing. I tried it during a couple range sessions and WOW, what a difference. Completely flushing the ball now, to the point where people watch me practice now and comment on it. It really improved my timing and tempo. Took it to the course and was hitting the ball exactly where I wanted to with greater distance. Hitting my 8 iron 180 yards, 5 iron 215, driver dead straight 285 carry! Thanks for the tip, it really helped.

Paramjit Bawa says:

An instructor said for a right handed player the right elbow shoul never be away from the waist during the backswing but I noticed your elbow wasnt right next to your waist when you raised the club back. What's the correct way?

Keith Schmehl says:

Todd love your golf instruction. I do however have a concern I need to share with you. I purchased the Teton Hybird Driver & want to return. I have been dealing with Powe Clinic Golf Customer Service & all I get is the run around. It should be very simple to get instructions to return the club. After two phone messages & at least 6 emails still no details on how return the club. I wanted to share with you because I do not want to see your good name associated with this company. WORSE Customer Service I have ever dealt with.

Dan Burkholder says:

Very practical and sensible information

Richard Cabrera says:

Good tip!!!!!

Andrew Masset says:

Interesting. I'll try and get back to y'all…

Luis bronco says:

hola!!! la verdad muy bueno video me encanto aguardo por el nuevo éxito me despido les dejo besitos gracias

Joe Vladovich says:

This is one of my favorite golf videos. Simple, easy to remember, concise tips. Thanks for posting!

Tina Shao says:

i love this!!! it helped me so much! i am getting much better thanks to this video!! i have also watched your other videos. so many simple tips have helped me soooo much! thank you!!! can't wait for more!

Tony C says:

Sometimes I use a metronome at the range for tempo.

Mike Keough says:

Very helpful….thank you

Mike Jarrett says:

I have just starting using the Swingyde to help feel the correct position at the top of the backswing, and it has made a big difference. Have you ever used this device ?

Frank Escobar says:

Thank you for the video. The hovering works. I had a tendency of picking up the club before starting the back swing. Hovering helped me with that problem. Also read that the golden bear always did this. Great advice. Thank you


I feel sometimes I over swing at the top which robs me of power. It throws my sequencing off. Since my feel isn't real, how can I transition from an optimum position at the top and not over swing?

Mark P says:

My finish position always feels like I'm under tensions and my arms spring back toward the target as a result. I make good contact, but after that is when I tighten up. Is that likely robbing distance?

james carter says:

Used your thumbs down chipping yesterday. Much smoother and crisp. Gonna use these tips today. Thanks.✌️⛳🏌️

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