The PERFECT Mid Handicap Clubs? TITLEIST U500 & TITLEIST U510

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The PERFECT Mid Handicap Clubs? TITLEIST U500 & TITLEIST U510 To partner the titleist 620 range of irons we now also have the titleist u500 and titleist u510 driving irons… this is the mid handicap review of the clubs and I personally think for people who don't like hybrids these could be the perfect golf club for mid handicap golfers. should you use a hybrid vs driving iron? a 5-wood vs driving iron? who should use a driving iron? or a utility iron? can a mid handicap golfer use a 1 iron? lets find out… and lets do it now!

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Mikko Imp1 says:

I am a 5 handicap and just bought the U 510 and LOVE IT! So easy to hit and for shaping shots. Low from the tee and from deck this is amazing. 85 feet hight with 45 landing angle and +4000 rpm 🙂

NYC Person says:

I really think you should have given a tee to Mark. Hitting a driving iron off the deck just is not ideal for a mid handicapper. Also, a lighter shaft option would been better for him.

Doc Hollywood says:

Those clubs look boring

Shawn Allen says:

Mark clearly does not have the club head speed to hit any of these

Julia-6 says:

Well if it's a driving iron, don't most people use them with a short tee instead of off the deck? Pardon my ignorance, but most mid-handicappers don't have the swing speed to get the most out of these types of clubs off the deck.

Raymond Poublon says:

Tried the U510 in 3 and the U500 in 2 iron today …the shafts were different in flex 5.5 and 6.0 …..didn’t like the look of the U510 but it was very easy to hit and did go a mile…

Thomas Bech Hansen says:

Like Mark said… “… they are supposed to be driving irons…”. Why test them from the deck? I carry a 3i driving iron, and does nothing for me off the fairway, but off a small tee, it’s an absolute rocket launcher and a beast in windy conditions. Bring these on the course and test them off the tee and results will be much different.

thegingerstig says:

Keen to see Mark hit the bigfoot wedge.

Ben Rich says:

Great videos James, love your channel, I'm playing almost 20 year old Taylor Made firesole irons with the bubble 2 shafts. Is it time to upgrade? Thanks!!!

Paddy says:

Hes like Rick shields rob potter . Come on get more original.

余俊廷 says:

I got gapr in my bag, and that feels just solid, looks perfect i won't take it out until i am going in to the pga tour.

Justin Stephenson says:

Unless you are a good ball striker with a faster than average swing speed these are not for you. Mark's distances with the utility clubs (ignoring the crap shots) were broadly a little down on what I would expect from my 4H lofted up to 23 degrees, and I carry a 3H and a 5W (and I am not a really good player or particularly long)

Philip Smith says:

Not a club for Mark, due to the dispersion and distance discrepancy, going with the hybrid, as Mark says is probably preferred. ?️‍♂️?⛳

habs 76 says:

why hitting without a tee? its the purpose of this club

SYFTUYA Golf says:

Definitely fancy that 510 (I think I've got that right. The slimmer one)

Steve Castle says:

Looks suspiciously like a p790???

mark hodgson says:

Supprised on poor distance
Still wouldnt like to give mark 5 shots
Put an old ping eye2 1 iron as driving iron my 210yd shot

hudsonrilke says:

A bit of a struggle. A bit more practice with the clubs might help and may be his swing wasn’t top form on the day.

Dave Hanstein says:

Hit both yesterday, prefer the 500. Hit it better vs 510.

Nick Olney says:

What handicap is Mark? What do you consider a mid handicap? Great video by the way!!!

Quent MAURICE says:

Sorry but these heads are so ugly i couldnt watch the entire vid.

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