The R15 Challenge feat. Rick Shiels, Me and My Golf & Peter Finch

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The R15 Challenge feat. Rick Shiels, Me and My Golf & Peter Finch
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patrik streng says:

Bet Mark Crossfield would still be doing has waggles at the ball.

Alan Hooper says:

Please send me an R15 so I can have a go.

shirzotv says:

Where is the Monday night golf show???

Scott Davis says:

lol, I thought this was going to be who can hit the R15 the longest.

Henry Lai says:

You forgot to move the weights to the fade setting 

superstar10155 says:

Don’t have a r15 can I do it with my g30??

iicaptain73 says:

Fun vid. Would have been great if the result of the drive impacted final
scores. i.e. 0.5 seconds added onto your time for every 10 yards away from
a set target.

Brisbane Golf Course Reviewer says:

Showtime Shiels crumbled under the pressure

MrShanghai34 says:

I was not expecting this type of challenge. It made my day.

Seamus Griffin says:

Excellent fun…..more please!

Wayne Clarke says:

looks fun, send me an R15 guys i will give it my best go

Google-is-a-pain says:

Something different and fun from the Fab Four – good one guys – thanks.

kenny lin says:

Love u 4 together please more videos!!

Tony Eccles says:

Where’s the Monday night golf show this week?

THE19 says:

It does seem like the pros spent more time screwing the shaft to the head?
I don’t own an R15 so I have no clue how it works, but could the tour pros
have had their screws further screwed out to begin with? Or maybe you guys
are just R15 challenge wizards! Keep up the great work!

Johnathan Ansonia says:

Funny….another course vlog soon with the 4 of you?

Payton Miller says:

You forgot to tighten the weights otherwise you wouldn’t of beaten all of
beaten all the tour pros

Gary Scott Wishart says:

really funny thanks guys

Pure Strike Golf says:

great video and good fun and should do one where you have to undo the club
at the end aswell 22sandhills says:

Cool different type of video. 

butette says:

that was stupid

Alan Brown says:

Even with those seriously dodgy weight transfers, you can hit the ball
straighter and further than me 🙂
Well done, guys

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