The REAL Secret to Effortless Power in Your Golf Swing!

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While there are many factors that all contribute to a solid golf swing looking smooth and effortless, there is one that may be above all the rest.

In this video I show you several great examples of golf swings that produce massive clubhead speed and driving distance while staying incredibly ‘easy' and ‘smooth'.

Special thanks to Golf Development Complex in Moorpark, Ca. It's a great place to work on your golf game!

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jbgillen1 says:

Loquacious. Inebriated by the propensity of ones own verbosity.

Gayle Grant says:

That guy is swinging too hard, he can't maintain his balance..who knows where his drive will wind up.

Hung Phan says:

not in this topic but Patrick Reed is using MA move exactly.

kidpoker007 says:

With the driver he looks like he hardly bends over, almost like standing straight with hardly any bend at the waist

kidpoker007 says:

His swing speed looks like normal swing of any average golfer

Method Golf says:

This is exactly what I did to get from 89mph to 124. I swung harder and harder for 3 months using an SSR. My cruising speed is around (since my left knee issue) 105. My top is 110. I'm gaining strength back in the knee, so I'll be back to 124 in a month or so.

Christian Schilt says:

Brilliant!!! After one practice session; knocking snott out of the ball. I love you,

Swing Searcher says:

Very good explanation of the correlation of effortless power, cruising speed and maximum speed.

Woogey Boogey says:

So I wonder if he's using a 48 inch long driver or something close. He's certainly not using a 44 inch driver with 140 plus mph swing speed. Nonetheless I like the content

Herb Goldstein says:

Hi Steve, it was hip turn vs hip slide video

kidpoker007 says:

It’s so odd it doesn’t look like he swings fast with that 7 iron… how the does it go 200 yards lol

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