The Secret Lag Technique No One is Talking About

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sfo1ckh says:

When they measured the average pro, his hand speed was 25 mph, and the first to move after the weight shift to recentering, I know this is a drill, but slow hand motion is contradictory?

Kj King says:

what happens if you do motorcycle move on backswing

Carlos A. Zuluaga says:

Literally fantastic!

Kiwi says:

This one video completely changed my game. Thanks Clay !!

Jason Hagar says:

I just found my lag It’s night and day

joelsidneykelly3 says:

I’ve watched 1000 tutorials on releasing early. Covered every topic from grip to weight shift to standing up… all great but not applicable to my specifics. This “delayed lag” did it for me. Literally one swing and it clicked. You’re the best, Clay!!

mesillahills says:

Every accomplished player knows that you CANNOT create or manufacture lag and still play good golf. You can try to create lag, and you can do it, but you will play like a hack in the end. Lag is the natural result of a good golf swing performed as an athletic event . Put athleticism and emotion into your swing and you will automatically have lag. Hitting a ball 300+ yards with ease is a myth. The ball has to be hard to do that. And you don't do that without an athletic move which creates lag all by itself. I've tried to manufacture lag at least 100 times and it never ever works in the end. A good golf swing gives it to you with no conscious effort.

Lawrence Sargent says:

clay you should be an expert on the golfing machine by Homer Kelley.😊

oktaylor1 says:

You wouldn't believe the pleasure of seeing divots all of a sudden start appearing 3 inches beyond the ball… Thanks Clay

Brian Keely says:

Not so sure about shallowing the club out on the way down. Could lead to a hand flip and lots of shots going left. Most top players try and do the opposite

Rory Harvey says:

After 40 years studying the golf swing this is arguably the greatest lesson of them all – brilliant!!

Hello says:

Please, talk less.

Jinsuk Park says:

this is gold… the most important insight here is that lagging is a by product of rotation not the product of using your wrist

Oscar Gonzalez says:

Looks very nice tip , thanks for helping me improve my golf.

Gerry Reilly says:

Awesome instruction

Louis Smith says:

You can throw your hands as fast as you want from the top if you start the downswing with the lower body and clear the hips properly. Your example of so called releasing too quickly your lower body stayed perfectly still and your hips didn't move, of course it looked bad. If you did the same lower body movement with your good lag swing it would produce the same ugly result. If you move your lower body correctly you can't release the club too early no matter how fast you try to release the hands, you'll be flat out getting to release the club at impact even if you feel like you're releasing too early. I agree with everything else you said about casting etc as that's one of the biggest myths in the golf swing that casting is bad as you have to cast to get the club to release in such a short space of time from the top of the swing to impact (if you try to hold lag you're dead), but you exaggerated your example of releasing the hands early by not doing your normal swing with the lower body. It does depend somewhat on the speed of the hips; golfers who don't move their hips fast would do better with slower hands, but for guys with super fast hips they almost have to start releasing their hands from the top or they'll get to impact with the club face way open and hands leaning too far forward.

Claude Boiteau says:

I'm just getting back into golfing and love the secret lag technique and all the driving, chipping training you give. I'm hitting my 7 iron 75 yards farther and straighter than ever. Thank you Clay for your awesome teaching videos. I'm finally enjoying the game of Golf…

巴斯兄弟 says:

THank you, i think i found the lag feeling after watching your video

Cybek Cusal says:

7:50 exactly my issue.

Bogey Fo Sho says:

Love this!! Clay you make something so complicated so easy to understand!

Michael Bacci says:

Great video but I'm not sure when I'd be able to use any of this. The key for me is focusing on less, not more in a golf swing.

Xi An 2ri says:

Tnx for this great video. This really perfect

Brad Schrunk says:

I noticed you bring your hands down from the top of the swing instead of bringing the hands across. That is one of the things I've just learned.

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