The secret to strike the golf ball DRIVER & IRONS

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Would you like to know the secret to strike the golf ball perfectly with driver and irons. The club needs to be delivered differently in order to strike them best and in this video Ali will show you how it needs to be done when practicing and playing on the golf course.

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Welcome to AliTaylorGolf. Ali’s channel is designed to help you improve your golf with tips, drills and online coaching as well as reviews of the newest golf clubs and golf equipment.

Starting at an early age, Ali began playing golf when he was just 13 years old. Having played many sports throughout his younger years, he has always had a fascination with improvement. This progressed into his coaching where he feels the most accurate feedback allows the quickest changes to improve the golfer. Since beginning the Ali Taylor Golf YouTube channel, Ali has become extremely active over the various social media platforms that Ali posts updates onto. You’ll find regular tips for your game as well as reviews on the latest products from the biggest brands in Golf, including TaylorMade, Titleist, Callaway, Scotty Cameron, Ping and Cobra. Stay connected with Ali by following his Facebook and Instagram pages and of course don’t forget to subscribe to the ever growing YouTube channel with over 27,000 subscribers!
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Ian Parker says:

good stuff Ali. any tips on irons and hybrids off a tee in to par 3's etc? tending to hook them at the moment much more than I would off the deck.

Daz Painter says:

I’m taking this one out on the corse this afternoon I’ll comment tomorrow let you know how it goes ?

Jason Velez says:

Thanks, Ali. I actually recently did a similar drill in which I placed a line of marking tape before the ball providing a solid intermediate point. My AoA improved instantly with my short and mid irons. Great tip.

Mark Roper says:

Great tips. I was told this when chipping to look just ahead of the ball and blow me down it really works.
Will try yours too…
Nice work Ali.

Mark Sakowski says:

It looks like running short of ideas. Every ball sport has one basic rule – look at it when you hit it. Not looking at the ball will cause, for an amateur, lifting of head and a slice. It is the same like trying to hit the ball with closed eyes.

Gunny G says:

Heading to the range tomorrow, will give this a try.

mark brook says:

i whish I could afford a trackman, is there any launch monitor that gives angle of attack for realistic money < £500

Bob Scott says:

You know your stuff thank u

Dave Patrick says:

great stuff , I will try this. I struggle with AOA with driver and think this could be a gamechanger for me , Cheers.

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