The SECRET TRUTHS of a GREAT Release in Your Golf Swing!

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In this video, Steve explains some of the torques that cause a good release in the golf swing, and how certain moves will wreck it.

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imuawarriors says:

sadly, I've been doing the 'pull down' swing for years… Now I've found your channel, and am beginning to fix some old bad habits… I'm having trouble blending the two different torques you describe, but when I actually do it, it is amazing…

migbgold 7 says:

I knew there was a reason that (injuries notwithstanding) Duval was the world's best ball striker in the '90's arguably! There's an old Golf Channel range session he did with Charlie Rymer where Duval ONLY talks about an intent to both uncock and flap throw the clubhead. I'm with you on philosophy and only need to watch old 90's videos of Duval to confirm and corroborate

Charles Figueira says:

I'm confused you are saying casting is what you should do at the top of the swing?

Scott Strickland says:

I think this is extremely confusing as any tour pro I've watched in slo mo or other coaches have analyzed with line angles – the angle between the shaft and arm DECREASE as they start their downswing, which sounds like this "negative" thing you're talking about. My money says your swing does the same in slo mo – you set a certain amount of hinge intentionally, but when the downswing starts, you create more involuntarily due to the actions of the lower body, mid and torso with the club following.

Next Bounce says:

Hands down, this is the way to swing the club with the most speed!

To smoothly coordinate torques 1 and 2, I’ve had to anchor them mentally with my action through the ball. Otherwise, torque 1 slows down for 2 to start; and I lose speed.

MontyBrogan60607 says:

Mr. Pratt, in the video I'm going to link (starts 1:20ish), Mr. Dunaway talks about not letting the "airplane" (hands) go to the side or cross. It seems like on your release you cross your hands at the end. I only bring this up because I know he worked with Mike Austin too.

Thank you for your time.

Allen Chu says:

Ive been searching all over YouTube lately for this information because it's the holy grail. I was able to hit a whole bucket with ease and power by throwing the club out all of which was by experimenting with release. After the session I needed to understand what I did right. Woohoo! Thanks Steve!

georgia may says:

Boy Steve, great content.

Noomade says:

Sigh! I am so confused. So many places, people are saying don't throw the club head out and now you say throw it out (with good logic and good demo). Just makes me feel like I am going in circles.

brian mclean says:

Great video Steve – I just started working on this concept a month ago of throwing my Driver down back and around and up (a loop) with great results.
How do u change it when hitting down with irons – currently have the feeling of palm down and slightly back with irons with ok results – any comment would be appreciated!!

Spin & Throw Disc Golf says:

Mike Malaska teaches the same thing. He calls it using the momentum of the club in a circle. The club goes outward and the body swings away from it. Club goes out, butt goes back.


Too much information, and confusing! 🤔

John Foti says:

And yet there are so many instructors claiming that to generate power you need to "negatively" hold the club from releasing until your hands are at waist level!

Martin Hardman says:

Great video. These aspects are very much misunderstood.

Mark Egan says:

I am sure this looks like casting to a lot of folks and I will admit to being one of them. I am guessing the "casting" is done along with the rotation so it keeps up with swing rather than holding the lag to the bitter end and having no chance to release it?

Thomas Henry says:

WOW!!! I love the details Steve!!! This is absolutely GOLDEN!!! THANK YOU for these details!!!

Bobby A says:

After many years of trying to hold the stupid angle (unsuccessfully), now you tell me that’s wrong. Gee thanks. I never could release because I was told to hold the angle as long as possible. As a result the more lessons I took the more atrocious my ball striking got. In my earlier golf career I released earlier and played a whole lot better. Golf!

Dave Rao says:

Easing up on the negative is great advice for a rotten marriage too. Another great instruction.

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