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These were picked by my audience. Over 8,500 people voted for these GOLF BALLS and in this video I reveal your favourite GOLF BALLS of 2017.


TaylorMade TP5 16.77% 1453
Callaway Chrome Soft 14.48% 1255
Titleist PRO V1 13.93% 1207
TaylorMade TP5x 11.61% 1006
Titleist PRO V1x 9.87% 855
TaylorMade Project (a) 3.53% 306
Srixon Z-Star 2.99% 259
Kirkland Signature 2.90% 251
Callaway Supersoft 2.80% 243
OTHER 2.56% 222
Vice Pro Soft 2.48% 215
Titleist DT TruSoft 1.44% 125
Volvik VIVID 1.41% 122
Bridgestone Tour B330-S 1.33% 115
Srixon Z-Star XV 1.26% 109
Srixon AD333 1.08% 94
Bridgestone Tour B330-RX 0.99% 86
Titleist NXT Tour S 0.80% 69
Bridgestone Tour B330 0.78% 68
Srixon AD333 Tour 0.76% 66
Bridgestone Tour B330-RXS 0.72% 62
Titleist NXT Tour 0.65% 56
Volvik S4 0.53% 46
Bridgestone Tour B XS 0.52% 45
Wilson Staff Duo Urethane 0.47% 41
Wilson Staff DX2 0.44% 38
Bridgestone Tour B RXS 0.43% 37
Bridgestone Tour B RX 0.40% 35
Titleist Velocity 0.30% 26
Bridgestone Tour B X 0.28% 24
Callaway Superhot 0.27% 23
Wilson Staff FG Tour Urethane 0.22% 19
Wilson Staff DX3 Urethane 0.22% 19
Wilson Staff DX3 Spin 0.20% 17
Volvik S3 0.17% 15
Mizuno MP-S 0.17% 15
Mizuno JPX-S 0.12% 10
Mizuno JPX 0.07% 6
Mizuno MP-X 0.06% 5


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Anthony Willis says:

I just never play well with pro v1s. Don’t know why? I seem to play well with chrome softs. Decent distance for me and loads of spin around greens is my experience! I probably only average about 260 yards, so could be the slower swing speed.

John Thompson says:

Wow, 80% of amateur players swing less than 100 mph, but spend money on tour level balls and then flap their gums about how good the ball is. Laughable.
Public courses could sell ProV1 bottles of water for $10 a pop.

Chad Rousse says:

Rick, it would be pretty awesome if you could do a new ball test pitting the Wilson staff duo urethane against pro v1s. “Worlds softest urethane ball” and $10-15 less per dozen, can they compete?

tyler murphy says:

Id really like to see your reviews on Vice golf balls. Ive been playing the Vice pro for over a year now and they are my go to now. I used to be a pro v guy but I love these vice pro's, same performance half the price!

Don McKnight says:

Too bad the Pro V 1 does not come in yellow.  Since I play yellow golf balls, I have to say the Bridgestone 330RX is by far the best.  I did try the new Titleist AVX and loved them but can only get i California, Florida, and Arizona I believe.  But it was a great ball.  But for the money, Bridgestone all the way.  And yes I tried Z Star and Calloway Chrome Soft and they are great balls just not as good around the greens.

Todd Doty says:

Totally agree on the TP5. Fantastic golf ball that’s plays well across all clubs. I made the switch from Pro V1x and haven’t looked back.

Nick Farmer says:

Pro V1 is great just to expensive not worth the extra cost

Wayne S says:

Great video, I use chrome soft, Able to beat up on Larry and Jan most of the time. Thanks for info Rick

karncis says:

What happened to the chrome soft x?

Joe Dubiel says:

I still prefer the Titleist true soft. ")

Hipolito Baltierrez says:

They're gonna be sent to 2, 3 and 4 when Titleist AVX hits the market in March 🙂 That ball is awesomely in between the Vs by my own experience, but feels even softer than the V1 and matches the length of the V1x (maybe a couple of yards longer) with no clicking sound as with the TPs. I love it!

Darren Knight says:

I simply can’t see the point of this series of videos. Usually enjoy the reviews where you get some insight but not interested in readers polls.

James Else says:

Durability of the TP5 is dreadful, scuffs up and weathers so easily. Especially against the other 2 in the top 3 which are both outstanding balls. Bit of "believing the hype" going on here.

Ian Splisgardt says:

You honestly cant go wrong with any premium golf ball. They all play about the same

John Turner says:

Wow who would predicted that top 3. Yawn. Vice Pro S is the best ball I’ve ever played and half the price of the 3 above. Don’t be sucked in by marketing people. Maybe see what else is out there and you’ll be pleasantly surprised

Gavin Caygill says:

Pro V all-day

BTatHome says:

Awesome result for my preferred ball. Had my first and only hole in one early in the season after changing (can't say it was all the ball, but felt great to swap and finally get one)
#TP5 is #1 !

wjfowlston says:

1:08 that's what she said!

Grant Rawson says:

I've been using Bridgestone soft balls all year and found them to perform better than any callaway or srixon ball

Tyler Howe says:

Love the srixon z star


The best ball is the Commando don't know why the pros don't use it on tour.

Will Borkenhagen says:

Love the TP5 it ticks all the boxes for me definitely will be my choice in tournaments for 2018

Tim Kozachanko says:

What doesn’t everyone get about Viewers Choice? Stop being so butt hurt about your ball not being number one, it was a straight up viewer poll, ball with most votes by the viewers won. An asteroid can’t hit this planet soon enough.

Jeffery li says:

Should do best bag

kshiel says:

Srixon z star is as good if not better and a lot cheaper. Easy decision to me..

kshiel says:

so how many pros play Taylor-made ball on tour who don't get paid to play them…. zero!! Just sayin 🙂

Chris Titzer says:

Darrell Survey for all professional tours and top amateurs events like US Amateur, British Amatuer, NCAA Titleist wipes the floor with the competition. But this is the Rick Shiels Viewers choice awards….enough said. (Across all categories…)

Tiger Linez says:

What a load of bollox ? I remember Rory saying how amazing the TP5 was, he also won me a load of money because he didn’t win a single event all year!!!

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