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These were picked by my audience. Over 8,500 people voted for these drivers and in this video I reveal your favourite IRONS SETS of 2017.

Titleist 718 AP2 7.92% 686
TaylorMade P790 7.39% 640
Mizuno MP-18 6.69% 580
Mizuno JPX900 Forged 5.64% 489
Ping i200 5.24% 454
Titleist 718 AP3 4.52% 392
Wilson Staff FG Tour V6 3.95% 342
Mizuno MP-18 SC 3.43% 297
Ping G400 3.39% 294
TaylorMade M2 2017 3.21% 278
TaylorMade P730 3.12% 270
Callaway Apex CF 16 3.09% 268
Mizuno JPX900 Tour 3.09% 268
Ping iBlade 2.67% 231
Titleist 718 MB 2.61% 226
TaylorMade P770 2.47% 214
Srixon Z 765 2.26% 196
Callaway Apex Pro 16 2.02% 175
Callaway Steelhead XR 2.01% 174
Callaway Apex MB 1.92% 166
Titleist 718 AP1 1.88% 163
Mizuno JPX900 Hot Metal 1.71% 148
Titleist 718 CB 1.67% 145
TaylorMade M1 2017 1.47% 127
OTHER 1.41% 122
Cobra KING Forged One Length 1.28% 111
Titleist 718 T-MB 1.26% 109
Mizuno MP-18 MMC 1.15% 100
Cobra KING F7 One Length 1.14% 99
TaylorMade P750 0.91% 79
Callaway Steelhead XR Pro 0.90% 78
Cobra KING F7 0.85% 74
Srixon Z 565 0.80% 69
Cobra KING Forged Tour 0.78% 68
Cobra KING Pro 0.66% 57
Srixon Z 965 0.65% 56
TaylorMade M CGB 0.57% 49
Callaway EPIC 0.53% 46
Wilson Staff FG Tour 100 0.53% 46
Callaway EPIC Pro 0.46% 40
PXG 0311 0.42% 36
Ben Hogan Ft. Worth 0.40% 35
Wilson Staff D300 0.38% 33
PXG 0311T 0.38% 33
Wilson Staff C200 0.31% 27
Ben Hogan PTx 0.25% 22
Benross HTX Compressor Type R 0.17% 15
Benross HTX Compressor 0.17% 15
PXG 0311XF 0.17% 15
Ben Hogan Ft. Worth Hi 0.09% 8

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Luis Ramirez says:

I have no problem with TM and Mizuno but if you even ask a Titleist ambassador they will tell you the AP3 is their club of the year.

Luis Ramirez says:

I have no problem with TM and Mizuno but if you even ask a Titleist ambassador they will tell you the AP3 is their club of the year.

Carson Roth says:

Mizuno JPX 900!

Carson Hodges says:

Also the P790s look great, but feel wise they’re atrocious.

Carson Hodges says:

You really should review some equipment that most golfers haven’t heard of. Miura, Fourteen and Epon would be a good start.

sabr686 says:

Top 3 iron sets garnered only single-digit percentages? Not exactly overwhelming majorities.

stingraynz says:

I wonder how far away the Wilson V6 tour irons were. I am testing them in a few weeks. (Currently playing Cobra Fly Z)

Randy Mahony says:

Love this idea. Keep them coming! You're very creative Rick

Golf God says:

Where’s Ping ?

Golfnut 612 says:

Whilst I have enjoyed the ‘best’ awards and I understand that it’s down to ‘public’ votes, I agree that individuals will always vote for what’s in their bag, if they have invested in new clubs this year. I voted in most categories as I have purchased new irons, Woods, recovery and wedges. I voted having tried and tested all of the latest clubs so I guess my vote is accurate (for me), I bought what was the best for me, as I’m sure everyone else voted for what works best for them. It’s not an exact science, we are all different. Personally, I probably won’t be buying anything new for the next year (I normally change my irons every 3 years) unless something really proves to be a game changer – I won’t vote next year as I won’t have the luxury of actually tried and tested all the new products. I will still be interested though. Thanks Rick?️

TyCole says:

Maybe pick 5 sets for people to chose from next year. A winner with 7% of the vote?

MARTIN says:

only 3% of your subs voted…and of those around 700 voted for the winner…so out of a quater of a million! subs 700 for the titliest doesn't really mean anything? ..i have the ping G…amazing clubs….people only vote for the clubs they play with….fun but useless vote

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