The Top Tips For Approach Shots In Golf – 5 Best Tips

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The Top Tips For Approach Shots In Golf – 5 Best Tips
Alistair Davies golf Uk Top 25 Golf Coach shares with you how to reduce scores inside 100 yards. He shares the technique used by most elite golfers to maximise their opportunities with short irons.
Follow his tried and tested tips straight from his golf academy.
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00:00 approach play demo
00:10 intro to best approach play tips
00:58 tip 1 the concept
01:22 hitting demo (approach shot)
01:50 no full shots
02:20 tip 2 the set up
02:46 tip 3 lead foot
03:00 torso move
03:18 tip 4 pressure placement
03:54 tip 5 the release for approach shots
04:55 the full process
05:45 hitting demo
08:36 end

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Alistair Davies Golf says:

Thanks for watching The top tips for approach play in golf – 5 best tips.

Julius Corbett says:

Can you do a bunker video?

Julius Corbett says:

Thanks Alister. You’re a terrific instructor. I’ll try this next time. My short game is horrendous. This should help. I get on the par 5 in three, yet double bogey.🤔

John Schwartz says:

Alistair! Excellent advise regarding the "short" pitch shot. This is an area I have been working on (40 yards in). I tend to use a gap wedge with a 1/2 arm position and was coming up short. I probably wasn't taken a big enough rotation on the backswing and follow through. I'll try to remember your advice to keep the weight on the forward foot.
Keep up the good work!

Joe Vladovich says:

Excellent presentation. I’m sure this will be helpful to my game.

Richard Stomber says:

I know you are right but my problem is that I know that I hit a full lob wedge 60m and a full sand wedge 72m. I would much prefer to hit how you have explained, as more consistent contact will result but then I have to judge the distance and if I am exactly 60m out I can't resist taking the lob wedge. is this just a matter of dialling in distance on say my 50 degree?

Adrian Faherty says:

I found your 60 yard pitching technique to be very good, this is similar just less loft… Great tip, Thanks…

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