THE training aid used by tour pros

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THE training aid used by tour pros – In this video we look at a training aid being used out on tour by countless pros – The Visio Putting Mat


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I use the eye line putting mirror and also the training aid Blast technologies putting sensor. They both work really well. Reduced my handicap by 5 stokes in weeks!

Rob Nieth says:

I use the training aid Eyeline putting mirror. The mirror has target lines and lines that when you look in the mirror will give you feedback whether you’re setup square to the target or not. It also has holes for tees that will allow you to gate the exit of the golf ball.

BeachBow says:

Finding your arc would be the first problem. Also I think trying to get too mechanical with putting is a mistake. But if it works for you, then go for it. I just use a few tees on the putting surface, or a piece of rug on my floor. JM2C

George says:

too many lines,following the club head on the backstroke,youve lost focus on the actual putt itself. does thing thing teach you to read putts and judge speed? Dreadful waste of money.

jo barbs says:

i use a little one iron,and a tour stirk iron,the first are a very small blade and the secon very weird iron ,you need too twist 4 strik the ball , and he just work so weel,its a hold stock but the model of 2018 are the driver (bomb its)

admin says:

best training aid, eyes over the ball, fore arms level and rotate your core gently…

Alex Clay says:

Another helpful vid ☺️

Alex Johansson says:


Im getting interested in buying one of those training aids, dont know what degree arc though. My putting stroke is pretty straight i guess but i dont really know which one to go for. Do you have any tips? Thinking about 15.

Looks like a good training aid Pete.

Bryce Crux says:

Peter, just one question – how do you find out what arc you need?

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