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Welcome to the Monday Night Golf Show! Here we talk about the woes of Tiger Woods, the magnificent Rory McIlroy, The Phoenix Open and again answer your questions.

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The Simple Game says:

Please play Mark. Would love to see my two favorite channels collab.

P-M Meiners says:

Totaly don’t agree that TW need to come back. Let’s move on to the new
guys, the ones that can laugh on the golf course and be nice to eachother.

gordon o'riordan says:

U sud call yourself the PAR boys with the latest addition.

Angel Gonzalez says:

I do find it pretty weird that the golf community on YouTube is not very
tightknit. For example the gaming community has a lot of mixture between
channels. I truly wonder if there is an issue between players on YouTube.
Maybe someone can fill me in on this?

Paul Wrigley says:

I’m worried about my game. I’m having a L5/S1 back operation at Salford
Royal on Sunday, a similar operation to what Tiger had. I’m roughly the
same age as Tiger (well old according to you guys). I’m a 5 handicapper or
at least last time i could swing a club i was… Tigers gone from a former
world number 1 to a 6.5 handicap (by this weekend’s score) after his
surgery… i think I’m gonna need some shots back… which one of you guys
wants to become my new swing coach on my return?

Strat TelePaul says:

Tiger suffers from paralysis of over analysis, and lack of steroids. Plus
he is just one stubborn SOB.

Nike now has the Vapors.

Most of my rounds are boring at even par or slightly over. I understand
they have things called birdie putts, but I have never had one that I can

BTW, whatever happened to the Dobby Taylormade driver fitting?

Cornwall1888 says:

How you go from the best chipper ever to this is beyond me. I know he is
making changes but that was ridiculous.

Does your chipping need to be a mini version of your full swing? Why did he
need to change his chipping technique?

Cian Lanigan says:

More of Andy in the course vlogs please! 

Mike Lee says:

nice to see one of the original golfers on w you guys again.

SirBigSpur06 says:

So am I missing something? Do you guys have a beef with Crossfield? Do
you even know each other? It’s pretty obvious that you weren’t exactly
chomping at the bit to play him…

MrMcandy86 says:

Mmmmmmm I’m sure the me and my golf guys have given you their opinions on
Mr crossfield as they’ve actually played together

Ben Griffiths says:

Don’t understand the sly digs at crossfields al thel time. Great videos
though pete and rick 

James Heaton says:

Great show and thanks for answering my question haha. I remain optimistic
as I’m sure many of the viewers do that one day we will see you guys take
on Parfield and Lockey!

Nathan Sheers says:

Where in Australia are you going to ?? come to Gold Coast Queensland 

Danny Worsdale says:

I think the intense weight training also ruined tigers late career. He was
lifting heavy weights and putting a lot of strain on his body hence the
injuries and I think rory might go down the same path if he’s not careful
but I hope not! Great show lads

Brass Pipe says:

You 3 should sit around a table and chat, standing looks awkward

Scott Little says:

A good idea would be for pete or rick to take dobby or some other mid
handicaper to verus an other youtuber plus mid handicaper for a vlog
match.. would give us a chance to see how the mid handicaper handle a bit
of pressure and what hes thinking during the match.. just a wee idea for
the future… and come on andy carter ud smash crossfield in a match.. ps
great show guys 

Giulio Petrella says:

Tiger won his last major in 2008 (US open) in a 18 hole play off against
Roco Mediate with a broken leg! Michelle Wie! gotta love her putting

Foomba says:

Looking forward to Andy’s channel. He’s a top bloke and I was with him when
he bought his first shovel.

crockt100 says:

Hahahaha shots fired lol….. What did you think of the hole in one on
marks channel ?

Peter Finch Golf says:

Welcome to the Monday Night Golf Show! Here we talk about the woes of Tiger
Woods, the magnificent Rory McIlroy, The Phoenix Open and again answer your


Another great video. LPGA golfer that I would not only date but marry
= Maria Verchenova !! You have to check this lady out !

dannybear14 says:

I once had a really great 69 but that’s another story 

Jared Fernandez says:

Andy, when I subscribed you were under 400

John Brackenbury says:

Best Monday Night show yet. Well done

whogg0521 says:

C’mon, man…you know the answer…Holly Saunders.

David R says:

You’re coming to Aus! 🙂 So excited, I’m in Western Australia so probably
won’t see you guys, but the Eastern States are awesome so can’t really
blame you…

lotxa nol says:

+Gorilla James hits it further

Kane Dyer says:

Definitely have a bit of Laura Davies

Ian Jarvis says:

I love you and Rick’s videos. I was wondering if you guys could do more
instruction on putting. Maybe, how to see a line, or read greens. Just a
thought. Thanks

oliver payne says:

Where are u staying in Australia. I live in port macquarie in NSW I would
love to see you.

Aaron Molloy says:

Brilliant again. Can’t go to bed on a Monday without watching this

Stewart Muirhead says:

holly saunderson..obviously

MrMcandy86 says:

Buzza has got his new deadly putting stance too. Looks like a poster for
gay pride but it seems to be working

Luke Pullen says:

This was brilliant. Good to see Carter aswell

jimm243 says:

Sandra Gal is a babe.

Thomas Pettersson says:

What happend to Ged Walters?

Andrew Rivera says:

Cheyenne Woods

No Real says:

Belen Mozo

Marvyn Watson says:

Morita rikako. And she has the one of the best swings I have ever seen.
Have a look.

Alex Moreno says:

Where abouts in Australia are you going?

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