These Are So Pure! Mizuno MP-20 MB Iron VS Titleist 620 MB Iron

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I compare two of the purest forged blade golf irons in the way of the new Mizuno MP-20 MB Iron against the Titleist 620 MB Iron.

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RogueSquidward says:

Once I get my lessons complete, these are my top 2 choices with the P7MBs close behind for my new iron set. Such great looks and feel from all of them.

FordF says:

I need to hit some blades and get them out of my system once and for all. (Or not)
I have MB in PW and 9 but want MB up to 7 iron just because they look fantastic.

kieran himself says:

Hello, great video as always, no fluff just great content. I have noticed with club fitting and also iron reviews the changable shafts using similar technique to newer drivers. Just wondering why manufacturers dont implement this on consumer irons? Cheers

Richard Pina says:

Can you do a review with mizuno mp 20 mmc vs taylormade p760 please

mlb shark says:

mizuno doesnt have upcharge for grips and shaft

Stephen O'Sullivan says:

I loved the look of the mp18 — better than the 20’s. But those Titleists are gorgeous.

Russell Kempe says:

I like the fact that the MP-20's have a stock DGS300 shaft and Golf Pride Z-grip, which I use. The MP-20 has a layer of copper and nickel which is supposed to soften the feel. Both look great. I think Mizuno Brand is more renown in the UK. I don't see that many players in the USA playing Mizuno.

Luke Warmwater says:

Titleist upcharges for almost everything. Mizuno has a wide range of shaft and grip option no upcharge.

M L says:

Can’t go wrong with either… it’s good to see that with everything modern technology has to offer, you can’t beat this pure and simple design…

Adam Wittman says:

I’ve been keeping track of your blades and pretty much every single one averaged around 167. No one is really outdoing anyone else. Really will come down to feel of impact and turf interaction to the user

TrojanMars1 says:

What?! At 0:18 “not a lot of technology happening with these “…are you kidding me?! MP20 are packed with technology. Sure, they’re weaker lofted then most options out there these days that merely focus on distance, but have you even done your research on the amount and quality of Mizuno technology?! Just the amount of detail they put into the sound alone is amazing, and don’t get me started on their feel…unlike any iron out there! Yes, they’re BLADES. Yes, they offer slight forgiveness. But “no technology”…dead wrong and didn’t appreciate such a misleading description. Good thing they offer cavity backs and game improvement irons for players too.

thomas ross says:

Mike have you checked out the cg location on the new MP-20. My MP-18 blades have the cg slightly towards the heel, you really feel it. I hope these are more aligned to center face.

thomas ross says:

With all the talk about blending, I found out that the HMB can be adjusted +/- 2 degrees loft & lie angle. Main thing is your viewers should know that it is better to weaken the lofts, the face progression will move forward & add a little more bounce, reduce the offset to blend with MP-20 MB better. Mizuno took this into the design of the HMB to reduce offset. The consumer needs to better educated on iron clubhead design & the result of bending the iron lofts.

Malcolm Evans says:

Lovely review and lovely clubs! Wishing I was a better ball striker so I could play blades . The Titleist just win it for me, simple yet elegant. Maybe the way to go is two sets of clubs; blades for the summer and shovels for the winter ?

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