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These are the BEST GOLF CLUBS for AVERAGE GOLFERS!? When buying golf clubs we always consider which category of golfer we are in… are you a high handicap golfer? a mid handicap golfer? low handicap golfer? an average golfer? a weekend golfer? which golf clubs should you use? in this video I swap golf clubs with Andy aka @The Average Golfer to see just which golf clubs he uses, can I play good golf with the average golfers golf clubs? are these the best forgiving golf clubs of 2022? let's find out… and let's do it now!


Matthew Pocock says:

The "average golfer" has a bag full of Stealth and PXGs 🤣

Charles Rohl says:

Awesome to see you guys together !👍 what putter is that again ?

Rudra Patel says:

It takes him forever to address the title of his videos

Henry Pfeiffer says:

Love the Stan Smiths Andy!

Mark Young says:

Excellent presentation thank you for your time posting this.

John Barlow says:

too much hot air

Willie Kelty says:

This made me very happy seeing you 2 do this! Loved it! ⛳

Alan Edwards says:

Really enjoyed this one. Heading over to Andy's channel to see the rematch.

colin tennant says:

Excellent seeing you two. I play and love PXG irons.

Scott Hansen says:

I see James getting some PXGs 🙂

David Gallaway says:

Great teamwork gents. Always enjoy both your content. Keep up the great videos….

Robert Doiron says:

James if you ever make it to Washington State, I'd love to have you come play Gold Mountain Golf Resort with me….

Alfred DuPuy says:

Very much agreed (to Jeremy D's comment below) – fantastic combo! Keep going!

Barry Murton says:

What a great vid, well done guys.

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