These BUDGET golf clubs will SHOCK the big brands!

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👋 Thanks for watching! Make sure to check out…These budget golf clubs WILL SHOCK the big brands!

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Saxby Golf says:

Would you be able to get some older irons from a bigger brand for the same price that would out perform them?

paulyraynerdude says:

So these, or the Inesis 500?! Just irons, I'm having trouble deciding what to get, torn between these or going for slightly older clubs from the established brands for similar prices (Wilson D7, Callaway Rogue, TaylorMade M6 etc)

WillieG255 says:

I love my caley irons

Coolhipjim91 says:

Would love to see how quick that black finish just fades away

1st eighteen says:

Big fan of the look of them, very clean and simple.

Migh7yb00sh says:

2 under, look aight.

HillbillyJedi88 says:

Pete: "This attention to detail is going to get….."
Me: "Our viewers laughing like crazy!"

Dan T says:

That blacked out look is super. The real test is how it wears…

Neville Coleske says:

Looks a nice set of clubs but 1 thing bothers me. If you are giving a set of your clubs to one of the golf YouTube “godfathers” to test and review, you surely make sure that everything is 100%

Jonathan Harker says:

I love the all blackout look of the clubs.

Mark Vickers says:

Back 9 is much better than front 9

Mark Vickers says:

Burnside is a great course. Especially from the 5th hole.

Good deeds beat bad says:

Pete, just want to say your enthusiasm & dedication is wonderful. I love your trying to compete and qualify so dont ever give up. Fortune can bring the fractions needed to achieve as many have found out in all sports.p

mike aylen says:

The video filmed inside the studio is so much better, We can see your face…!

mike aylen says:

Thanks Pete. Dark clubs and dark filming outside!

Jojo Freeman says:

Definitely looks like my Yes putter

Pierre Rousseau says:

Hi, I'm a 6 handicap and I have dropped from a 9 to 6 in the last 4 months. Also played my best round of 71(-1) 2 weeks ago. My iron game has been lacking consistency in distance, I correctly still have the taylormade r7 irons. I would like to upgrade my irons but I can't afford a fitting or even 2021 released clubs, unless I save a few months. Do u think buying second hand clubs from a few years back would be a good decision to improve my iron play?

Peter Taylor says:

please review garmin r10

pd 616 says:

Caley = Caledonian. Clubs look lovely. I’m intrigued

David Motson says:

Shouts 'Fore' then hides!

Nathan Taylor says:

I would say the wedges were pretty even with the higher launch and and better decent angle of the caley, they didnt need the high spin rate that the taylormade needed because of the lower launch and decent.

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