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Average Jack - GGR says:

Some people just trade clubs because they are selling for so much.

Very very cynical 🤨

Potts says:

I bought them from a bloke outside a block of flats officer. This video is enough to get you nicked. Receiving is the same as stealing !

Potts says:

Bargain !!!
I wonder what the penalty is for receiving stolen goods nowadays ?

Leo Hough says:

Can I buy the M1 driver of you please?

Yan Hunter says:

I remove every item as soon as sold on MP just to keep it all clear. Don't like stuff hanging around on my selling sites 👍

Sween Bean says:

Golf bag on the putting green?!?!? Come on Simon!!

Marcucas says:

I naively brought new clubs once which wasnt what I went into the shop to buy. They adjusted then to my swing and low and behold it changed over time and they went out of business so I couldn't adjust them. They got stolen from me one night and I looked around to no avail for them. Done me a huge favour as I could never hit the irons well at all. Got my current set over time second hand and am much more solid with them. So its a rare case of me being glad I never found them but annoyed I had to fork out money on new ones which at the time I couldn't afford so had to sacrifice playing for a year or so until I had put together a set I liked.

5ebra1 says:

Sounds like you are talking yourself into a ‘Handling Stolen Goods’ conviction.

Seamus Toomey says:

Ask him for some left hand stuff

John Lawlor says:

If ever somebody ties to sell you a 15 year old set of spalding clubs and a beaten up Nike driver, they might be mine, stolen from my car 12 years ago. I'm over it now though..

PC 14 says:

Somethings up but 2 weird parts.

1. The situation who you got them off where etc.
2. Condition. You would have thought a very good golfer would have used them more. Not saying would be sky Mark's etc but just general face wear etc. Considering their age, I think if they were stolen the person won't be missing them as they clearly don't use them much. Not saying that's right but I can only think logical explanation.

Andy Walker says:

Weird how the look like they have been hardly been used, someone purchasing above their ability. I reckon the ex partner is the best answer on this one.

indiomonk123 says:

I suspect the seller was a reseller. This set was most likely owned by a golfer who passed away and his estate was sold. Enjoy the clubs.

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